Hades is one of the bosses players can fight in Fortnite‘s latest season, Myths & Monsters. In Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2, there are new fights, weapons, and Medallions to be had, and each of them provides players with a new opportunity to conquer and crush the competition, what better way to crush foes than by becoming the God of the dead, and the King of the Underworld?


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Zeus is a powerful boss that players can encounter in Fortnite’s Chapter 5 Season 2, but his Mythic Huntress DMR is worth it.

Players can face off against Hades, and although a difficult fight awaits, it’s well worth it due to the power that is bestowed upon those who eliminate him. Whilst players might fight over the loot pool, besting him to claim the Mythic Harbinger SMG will certainly aid the necessary steps to claim the Victory Royale in the Greek Mythology-themed season.

Hades Altar Location

kratos at the underworld with hades' altar

After being seated on the battle bus, players should head to the top-left of the Chapter 5 Season 2 map to The Underworld. Hades’ boss room is found in the structure with the purple roof, noted by the Greek pillar icon that appears on the map. Upon heading to this location, a small marble statue of Hades will be placed in the center around a pool of green liquid. Players need to approach this altar, and interact with the statue to topple it, causing the player’s character model to throw it on the ground and challenge Hades. Like all bosses, Hades will have three phases, and other players can intervene and use Hades as a diversion to kill you, so it’s best to bring shields and competent weapons for the fight ahead.

How To Beat Hades

Hades Phase One

When Hades’ altar has been toppled, he will appear at his throne by the end of the throne room, sitting on his throne with utter disdain for the mortal beneath him. At this point, Hades is indestructible, and shooting him will only cause players to waste ammo. For now, they should look for cover, as Hades is going to summon in a few minions that need to be dispatched. Not to worry, as these minions only use common assault rifles and their health pool is limited to 100, meaning they are easy to eliminate. Once players have defeated around 6 of them, the next phase begins.

Hades Phase Two

kratos sitting on hades' throne

For the second phase, it’s more of the same. Hades will periodically spawn in more minions, which might concern players, due to the fact that the high amount of gunfire might draw unwanted attention from other players. Simply try to kill them fast, using the cover provided by the room to destroy these targets before they overwhelm them, as they can grow in large numbers, with some minions even having shields.

Hades Phase Three

Upon killing enough minions, Hades hops down from his throne. His character model is noticeably larger than normal, and he will aggressively sprint toward the player, wielding the Mythic Harbinger SMG. It’s best to keep at a good distance from Hades, as his weapon is effective at close range, and his Mythic weapon, the Chain of Hades, can be pretty lethal. Hades might use the Chain of Hades to pull players towards him, so keep to cover to avoid being snatched.

If he hits players with his Mythic, then he will begin siphoning health, meaning every damage dealt to the player, is health added to him, thus increasing his health pool. Players can tell that Hades is using a health siphon based on the green beam that connects them to Hades, so it’s best to stay at a distance and shoot him repeatedly in the head to keep his healing at bay. An effective method of eliminating Hades is to use the Underworld Dash ability, which players can acquire from the green pool of liquid at the center of the room. Simply focus on shooting out his shields and health to eliminate him and watch him drop his sweet loot, which consists of the Aspect of Siphon and the Hades’ Harbinger SMG.

Aspect Of Siphon

aspect of siphon smg

Power to restore vitality! Grants healing siphon effect on enemy eliminations. Reveals your location on the map.

With the death of Hades, a new King of the Underworld has been crowned, and the victor may wield the Aspect of Siphon as a reward. This Medallion is a powerful one, and players can restore their health by eliminating players. This is great for squad games, as it encourages players to wipe out downed foes, in exchange for an added bout of health that might save them and grant them victory. Like all Medallions, using the Aspect of Siphon will reveal a general area of location to everyone who checks the map.

Hades’ Harbinger SMG Stats

hades harbinger smg

The magnificent weapon of Hades, imbued in the fires of the underworld.

A mighty fine SMG dropped by Hades, it’s a weapon fit for the best arsenals in Fortnite. Its rate of fire and competent damage make it a great choice for close range, especially to the players out there who are confident with their headshot capabilities, as deleting enemy health is made easier with such a speedy weapon.

Here are the stats:


Holo-13 Optic (1.3x Scoped View)


Speed Mag (Increased Reload Speed)


Vertical Foregrip (Improves ADS Recoil and Spread)


Muzzle Brake (Reduces Recoil)



Magazine Size


Fire Rate


Reload Time




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