• Gameplay footage of the canceled Call of Duty: Future Warfare has surfaced online, showcasing the game’s futuristic setting and gameplay features.
  • The Call of Duty franchise has previously experimented with futuristic settings in games like Infinite Warfare, which received backlash from fans.
  • The leaked footage reveals that the canceled Future Warfare game would have included a lunar base campaign and remastered versions of older Call of Duty maps.

Gameplay from the canceled Call of Duty: Future Warfare has surfaced online, showing off gameplay and the futuristic setting of the canceled 2011 shooter. While the massively popular shooter franchise has largely been known for its modern military and World War 2-themed settings, the developers have sometimes branched out into other settings. The franchise has experimented multiple times with futuristic gameplay, with games like 2016’s infamous Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Now, a newly surfaced video shows off an earlier take on a futuristic Call of Duty.

The early 2010s saw multiple games from the long-running Call of Duty try out futuristic settings, in lieu of the franchise’s traditional gameplay. Call of Duty: Ghosts kicked off the series’ foray into science fiction settings, followed up by the previously mentioned Advanced Warfare and Infinite Warfare. Infinite Warfare saw particularly strong backlash from fans, with many growing tired of the franchise’s extended stay in future settings. Now, a new leak has suggested Call of Duty could have gone to the future even earlier.


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As reported by Insider Gaming, a recently surfaced clip from Neversoft’s Call of Duty: Future Warfare, also dubbed “NX1,” shows off gameplay from the canceled Call of Duty sequel. The short video shows off a campaign set on a lunar base, with the protagonist fleeing from an incoming attacker. The trailer shows off multiple elements of the moon-based combat, including windows being shattered and causing explosive decompression. The Neversoft Call of Duty reportedly would have taken the place of the later-released Call of Duty: Ghosts, with Neversoft folding into Infinity Ward in 2014.

Canceled Call of Duty: Future Warfare Gameplay Surfaces Online

Replies to the post from developer Brian Bright also reveal more details about the cancelled Call of Duty: Future Warfare. The shooter reportedly would have featured remastered versions of multiple maps from older Call of Duty games, including fan-favorites like Afghan and Terminal. According to Bright, the “Moonbase Assault” mission shown in the video was used as a chance for the team to “learn the game’s engine” and experiment with zero-gravity combat. Bright also offered a humorous anecdote from Neversoft, claiming the studio was making Guitar Hero games “using the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater engine.”

A key visual from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare depicting a masked soldier giving a thumbs-up.

While Future Warfare never saw the light of day, the shooter has made plenty of returns to its older games in recent years. Developers Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games have created multiple remakes of the Modern Warfare games, re-imagining the first three titles on modern consoles. The trio of Call of Duty studios already have plans for several games to come, with a new Treyarch Call of Duty launching next year and a Black Ops 2 sequel speculated for 2025. Call of Duty: Future Warfare‘s newly surfaced gameplay shows what could have been the franchise’s first futuristic game.

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November 10, 2023

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