• Cyberpunk 2077’s developers are dedicated to fixing bugs and improving the game, even after its troubled launch.
  • The recent 2.1 update introduced new issues, such as a bug preventing finisher animations from playing.
  • Despite no major content additions in the future, the game is likely to receive a sequel, showing ongoing support from CD Projekt Red.

Much of the gaming community knows that Cyberpunk 2077 has had its share of frustrating problems over the years, but a previously announced patch aiming to fix various common issues shows that the developers are dedicated to honing the game even further following the release of its Phantom Liberty DLC and massive 2.0 update. While Cyberpunk 2077 has seen remarkable improvements made to it over the past year in particular, some as-yet unresolved bugs springing from the latest 2.1 update have been impacting tons of players over the past few weeks.

While Cyberpunk became infamous practically from the day it was released due to its many technical issues and turbulent launch period, the continued care and dedication put into it by its development team over the years has almost completely transformed the public opinion surrounding the game, and for good reason. While it has received a steady trickle of new content, features, and patches since its 2020 release, Cyberpunk 2077‘s recent 2.0 update has completely overhauled certain parts of the game, combat and skill progression in particular. Combined with its Phantom Liberty expansion, Cyberpunk has very recently seen a huge surge in player count, with existing fans and newcomers alike taking to the streets of Night City.


Cyberpunk 2077 May Never Be Completely Bug-Free and That’s OK

Though Cyberpunk 2077 is notorious for its bugs and many fans hope for them all to be removed, that might be asking for a little bit too much.

Why Cyberpunk 2077’s Next Round of Fixes is a Big Deal for Players

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Since the game’s 2.1 update though, an issue preventing the many unique finisher animations from playing has affected players across all platforms. Thankfully, a new patch for Cyberpunk announced earlier in the month confirmed that the issue is currently being looked into by the development team and that it will be fixed along with various other issues when the update releases. This has come as music to the ears of many fans who have been desperate for a fix to this bug since it was first documented several months ago.

Though Cyberpunk has always offered an impressively wide variety of methods when it comes to dealing with enemy corporate agents and rival gang members, the overhauling of skills and abilities with Cyberpunk‘s 2.0 update has opened up even more ways to play, and even more ways to dispose of bad guys. Melee enthusiasts can obtain perks that enable animated finishers on enemies using knives, blades, or blunt weapons, and while the helpful self-healing function of these finishers remains intact, the bug affecting finisher animations takes most of the fun out of the feature.

Finishers aren’t available by default, and fans may need to invest in multiple different perks to use them.

It’s a good sign that CD Projekt Red is continuing to support Cyberpunk with necessary patches, despite the game being confirmed to not be getting any more major content additions in the future. Though Phantom Liberty seems to be the only big expansion Cyberpunk will ever receive, it looks like the game is all but confirmed to be getting a sequel in the future – though how far off a sequel may be at this point is anyone’s guess.

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Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is an RPG set in a future dystopian world. Players take up the role of V, who works as a mercenary in Night City in California. Gameplay involves branching dialogue, open-world exploration, character classes, and combat.

December 10, 2020

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