Chenyu Vale is filled with ruins that Genshin Impact players can solve puzzles in. Typically, the riddle in the area involves Jade Incense Cauldron and Ancient Ruins puzzles, but somewhere north of the Qiaoying Village, the riddle revolves around a sleeping Genshin Impact Automaton.

Automaton is a family of enemies that consist of anything robot-like. This includes Ruin Guard, Ruin Grader, Ruin Drake, Ruin Hunter, and so much more. While exploring Teyvat, you likely have come across some of these Automatons that seem dormant. Some will turn on once you’re near, while some others remain in their “sitting” position and never come alive. One particular Ruin Guard in Chenyu Vale, however, can be activated, but only if Genshin Impact players know where to get Ruin Machine Core and how to use it.


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Ruin Machine Core Location In Genshin Impact

ruin machine core location in genshin impact

To get Ruin Machine Core in Genshin Impact’s Chenyu Vale, players need to travel to the ruins north of the Teleport Waypoint west of the Qiaoying Village. At the entrance to the ruins, there’s an Automaton that people need to fight. Upon beating the robot, an Exquisite Chest will spawn along with a glowing spot that you can investigate. Interact with the glow, and you’ll get the Ruin Machine Core.

If players go further north, they will find an Ancient Ruins puzzle, a secret Jade Tea table, and also a Spirit Carp. Completionists are highly recommended to explore the place before proceeding with the next step, which is how to use Ruin Machine Core in Genshin Impact.

How To Use Ruin Machine Core In Genshin Impact

how to use ruin machine core in genshin impact

From the Teleport Waypoint west of the Qiaoying Village, head to the ruins in the northwest to find a broken Ruin Guard in a small cave. Place the Ruin Machine Core into the Ruin Guard, and the robot will start to move, initiating a battle. Players will get the Non-Hidden Backup Energy Source achievement in the process. After the Automaton moves away, players can now access the cave behind it. Prepare for another fight before entering.

As Ruin Guard has higher RES to Physical damage, players are advised not to use Physical DPS like Genshin Impact Eula. Afterward, inside the cave, a bunch of Treasure Hoarders will appear, which makes Crowd Control characters or units with a large AoE a better option for the fight.

Take the Spirit Carp by the entrance, then fight the Treasure Hoarders who are hiding in the cave. After the battle, don’t forget to open the Common Chest near the Treasure Hoarder camp, among the boxes that can be investigated, before approaching the newly-spawned Precious Chest in Genshin Impact.

Next, free the Strange Merchant inside the cage by talking to him. Currently, it’s unknown where the man goes after being released, although players can spot the Merchant in other places in Chenyu Vale. There’s also another cage that contains the second Common Chest next to the Strange Merchant.

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