• Hogwarts, once a magical place, became a painful memory due to the atrocities committed by Lord Voldemort.
  • Brave and talented students like Cedric Diggory, Colin Creevey, and Lavender Brown lost their lives in the Battle of Hogwarts.
  • The deaths of Nymphadora Tonks, Remus Lupin, Fred Weasley, and Severus Snape left a profound impact on the wizarding world, causing immense grief and loss.

Hogwarts is more than a school, it is a literal magical place where the students spend their youths practicing and sharpening their skills as wizards and witches. Unfortunately, throughout the years, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter has been going through a rough time under the threat of Lord Voldemort.


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The once magical place became a painful memory for those who lost their loved ones in the battle, also called the Fallen Fifty, in the Harry Potter universe. Not only students were the victims of the casualty, but also Order of the Phoenix members, Hogsmeade residents, Hogwarts staff members, and so on. Some bodies have never been found, lost among the rubble that the Death Eaters caused in explosions. Some also transfigured in the most horrific ways with dark magic, making it difficult for the bodies to be identified.

7 Cedric Diggory

Killed By Peter Pettigrew At Age 17

An image of Harry Potter: Cedric Diggory

Although he was not a part of the Fallen Fifty, Cedric Diggory’s death is still connected to the dreadful and atrocious crimes of Lord Voldemort. At the age of 17, Cedric was killed in the Little Hangleton Graveyard, after unknowingly being transported there by the Triwizard Cup that turned out to be a Portkey.


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As a proud Hufflepuff, Cedric was a kindhearted, loyal, intelligent, and caring student. It was highly unfortunate that his life was cut short after that one fateful night. Cedric was the prefect of the Hufflepuff House, as well as the captain of the house’s Quidditch team. But most importantly, he was a brave person.

6 Colin Creevey

Murdered By Death Eaters At Age 16

An image of Harry Potter: Colin Creevey

Colin Creevey was just 15 years old when he decided he would join the Order of Phoenix, proving his bravery as a true Gryffindor. He loved everything about Harry Potter, his adoration towards the Chosen One was his motivation to fight for what’s right. Colin was born into a muggle family, a rare occurrence as his little brother also possesses magical abilities and was also attending Hogwarts.

In his sixth year, during the height of Voldemort’s reign, he was banned from Hogwarts as he was a muggle-born. However, it did not stop him from sneaking into the school and fighting alongside his friends in the Battle of Hogwarts. He unfortunately lost his life in the process, but his bravery will always be remembered.

5 Lavender Brown

Killed By Fenrir Greyback At Age 17

An image of Harry Potter: Lavender Brown

Lavender Brown is another innocent life taken in the Battle of Hogwarts. Although she once doubted Harry Potter’s claim that Lord Voldemort was back, she changed her mind and joined Dumbledore’s Army in her fifth year. As a student who was mostly fascinated by the Divination subject, she was a good student who built a meaningful connection with Professor Trelawney.

She then would practice her skill as a witch alongside her peers in the requirement room as a Dumbledore’s Army member. Unfortunately, it was not enough to keep her safe as she succumbed to her demise at the hands of a violent werewolf named Fenrir Greyback.

4 Nymphadora Tonks

Killed By Bellatrix Lestrange At Age 24/25

An image of Harry Potter: Nymphadora Tonk

A talented Metamorphmagus and a great witch, Nymohadora Tonks was an Auror who was also a member of the Order of the Phoenix. She had the talent to change her appearance at will, often changing her hair color, nose, and face, as she wanted to.


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Although she was closely related to the pure-blood family, Black, she chose to fight for the right cause against the Dark Lord. Nymphadora, who was the wife of Remus Lupin, happened to just give birth during the height of the Second Wizarding War. Her passing was such a great loss for everyone, especially her newborn son, Ted Lupin. The couple appointed Harry Potter as the godfather of their child.

3 Remus Lupin

Killed By Antonin Dolohov, Aged 38

An image of Harry Potter: Remus Lupin

Remus Lupin had been losing his loved ones since the First Wizarding War. As an extremely insecure person due to his lycanthropy condition, it was hard for him to make friends, and The Marauders were there for him. Sirius Black, James Potter, and even the betrayer Peter Pettigrew bonded through childhood to adolescence together, and he had to witness his friends gone one by one.


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It was unfortunate that he lost his life in the Battle of Hogwarts alongside his wife, but the silver lining is, that he could finally be with his friends at last. A very bittersweet moment for everyone, as he also had just become a father during that time.

2 Fred Weasley

Killed In An Explosion At The Battle Of Hogwarts, Age 20

An image of Harry Potter: Fred Weasley

The death of Fred Weasley was one of the worst things that happened in the whole Harry Potter universe. It is very hard to comprehend that the jokester and humorous Fred was gone, leaving his twin brother, family, and friends behind. His lifeless body was a reminder to everyone, especially Harry Potter, how many lives were taken that night.

The cries from his grieving family were utterly heartbreaking, shattering anyone’s heart who saw it. It was even more painful as he, despite his love for pranks and jokes, was a great wizard with a bright future ahead of him. He had just opened up his own business with his twin brother a few years prior, and they had just started to step into adulthood.

1 Severus Snape

Killed By Voldemort At 38 Years Old

An image of Harry Potter: Severus Snape

Severus Snape is the most misunderstood character whose redemption moved everyone to tears. He once fell into the dark side out of jealousy and anger, but he turned his life around while trying to redeem his mistake. For years, he had been eaten alive with guilt over the passing of his eternal love, Lily Potter.


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After the incident, he had been trying to figure out a way to protect Harry Potter without being seen by anyone. As he lost his life to Nagini, his memory of Lily Potter has proven that he was just a human, after all. His passing is beyond heart-wrenching, as his redemption was left at the very end of the series.


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