Whether one starts Palworld as a beginner or has gained some experience, having the right Pals is crucial. Rare Pals, in particular, are game-changers since they are not only stronger and sharper than the commonly-captured Pals but also possess multipurpose skills.

Therefore, players with such warriors in their team gain an advantage over their opponents. However, these creatures are not only hard to find, but also capturing them requires skill and precise knowledge of their location. Here are a few rare Pals players can capture in Palworld and boost their overall performance in the game:


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Unmatched Combat Skills

loupmoon palworld

  • Found in: Bamboo Grooves & Broncherry Areas

Loupmoon is one of the best warriors that players can have on their team in Palworld. Palworld. Equipped with the Dark element, this creature is more than just a pretty face. With impeccable combat strength and skills, one can even use it to capture stronger and bigger combat Pals.

A skill that heavily compliments this rare Pal is the Partner Skill Ability known as Claws Glistening in the Dark. By unlocking this, players can use laser-focused attacks on their enemies through the Loupmoon’s claws.

This creature can primarily be found in Bamboo Grooves and Broncherry Areas only at night. Loupmoon shows up after players reach level 15, and a tier two or three Pal Sphere and a crossbow should be more than enough to get the job done.


Versatility and Skill

vaelet palworld

Vaelet’s combat skills make it a useful option for battles. Some of its moves include Wind Cutter, which shoots fast wind-blades at an enemy, and Poison Blast, which discharges poison slimes at the opponent. Vaelet is also efficient when it comes to Transportation, Planting, Handiwork, Gathering, and Medicine Production.

Another noteworthy point about this rare Pal is its Partner Skill, the Purification of Gala, which increases the number of items a Ground Pal drops after defeat. At the time of writing, this creature could only be found in the Sanctuary.


Team Synergy and Ice Mastery

foxcicle palworld

  • Found in: The Tower of Free Pal Alliance

Foxcicle comes equipped with an Aurora Guide Partner Skill and an Ice Element. The dominant reason why this Pal is considered to be rare is that it can be extremely tricky to locate. During team play, it can greatly increase the attacking strength of Ice Pals.

Foxcicle is located in the Tower of Free Pal Alliance. Therefore, players should ensure they have Level-3 Frost Protection to capture these creatures easily. Since the Foxcicle found here is level 28, a player must be equipped with a handgun to deal extra damage and a high-quality Pal Sphere like the Hyper Pal Sphere to capture this creature.


Efficient Mining and Attack Capabilities

digtoise palworld

  • Found in the southeastern region of the Palpagos Islands.

Used for attacks and mining, this multi-purpose Pal is a game-changer. This reputation is primarily due to its spinning movement, which can not only deal consistent damage to an enemy but also mine ores effectively.

Digtoise can be found in the southeastern region of the Palpagos Islands. The level of this Pal is level 19, so there isn’t anything extraordinary players have to do to capture it. However, grass elements are a good counter against Digtoise. Once spotted, weaken the creature and throw a Pal Sphere at him.


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Dark Element Mastery

katress palworld

  • Found in: Northeastern part of the Tower Ruins Teleport Statue

There’s more to this creature than a stunning appearance. Katress, like Loupmoon, comes from the Dark family. What makes it particularly rare is its partner skill, the Grimoire Collector. This skill enhances the number of items dropped by Neutral Pals during battles.

Currently, players can find Katress in the northeastern part of the Tower Ruins Teleport Statue. Once reached, players are exposed to a blue circle that acts as a teleport upon interaction. This teleport takes them to a dungeon where they fight with Katress.

Players must ensure a sufficient army of Dragon-type Pals for damage to win the fight. Furthermore, players must equip themselves with Crossbows, though a handgun or a musket works much better.


Exceptional Healing Ability

lovander palworld

Lovander is a must-have for every player in Palworld. The main reason behind this is her ability, Heart Drain, which absorbs some of the hits the players take during combat and grants them HP.

Lovander is mainly found in the desert regions at night, and the difficulty of capturing it depends on the location. For instance, if players encounter this creature in the Desert areas within the central locations, a Giga Sphere would be more than enough to capture it. However, nothing less than a Hyper or Ultra Pal Sphere would work in the northeastern desert areas.


Unparalleled Utility in Combat and Base

quivern palworld

  • Found in the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant.

Quivern is a rare Pal that can be effectively used for domestic purposes. It is handy when players want to build or craft items, harvest crops, transport items across the base, or mine resources like Stone, Ore, Nodes, etc.

Another reason why Quivern is considered to be a top-ranking Pal is because it can enhance Dragon attacks during a mount position. To capture this creature with a 100% success rate, players must use a tier 3 Pal Sphere with a Handgun to damage the beast.


Rare Electric Element with Advanced Combat Skills

grizzbolt palworld

As the name suggests, this creature possesses an electric element. A rare trait of Grizzbolt is that it can fire a minigun at a player’s opponents while mounted. Furthermore, it can also generate electricity.

This rare Pal is currently found in a nature-preserved area known as the Pal Sanctuary. Players must tread carefully during the daytime as capturing creatures in these areas is considered criminal activity.

It’s vital to be above level 20 in possession of a Giga Sphere before attempting to capture this creature. Furthermore, players must have a flyable Pal in their inventory since they’d have to cross an ocean to catch Grizzbolt. Upon arrival, a player can use their Giga Sphere to capture the beast. Using a crossbow for damage also works just fine.


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