The Room of Requirement is one of the most iconic locations in the Harry Potter franchise and players are not only able to find it in Hogwarts Legacy, but they can also build inside of it and create their own relaxing retreats.


Hogwarts Legacy: 6 Tips For Building Beautiful Vivariums

These six top tips will help you create stunning vivariums in Hogwarts Legacy.

This magical room will adapt to the individual’s needs, and as Professor Weasley has given the main character access to the room to catch up on their studies, players can choose to do whatever they want with it. While the Room of Requirement will look fantastic on its own, even undecorated, these tips will help Hogwarts Legacy players create truly magnificent spaces.

Updated on January 15, 2024, by Joe Grantham: Hogwarts Legacy has been out for some time now and has been released on all consoles. During this time, some truly amazing designs have been created in the Room of Requirement, and players have developed new techniques for magical interior design. By taking on board the following tips and tricks for building in the Room of the Requirement, players should be able to create the Hogwarts hideout of their dreams. Of course, creative rules are also supposed to be broken, so players are also encouraged to think outside of the box and let their imaginations run wild.

8 Find Inspiration & Choose A Theme

Having Direction Will Make For Better Results

Hogwarts Legacy Room of Requirement Themes

Before setting out to build in the Room of Requirement, players should first look around for inspiration and try to decide on a theme for their design. To do this they can either look at existing Room of Requirement aesthetics for Hogwarts Legacy or they could look to the Harry Potter films for ideas.

Alternatively, players could look at real-life Victorian interior decoration seeing as the game is set in the late 19th century. However, as this is their own space, players don’t have to stick to lore-friendly or historically accurate themes and could instead opt to create a room in the style of something else they love, perhaps inspired by an entirely different franchise.

7 Build With Functionality In Mind For Added Realism

A Lived In & Practical Room Will Look Even Better

Hogwarts Legacy Natural Room of Requirement Aesthetic

The best creations in any game not only look stunning but also have an air of realism about them. There are a few ways to achieve this effect in Hogwarts Legacy, the first being to incorporate the practical elements in the Room of Requirement. For instance, by placing the Enchanted Loom, the potting tables, and potion tables in sensible spots that can easily be accessed, players will be off to a good start.

Players can then build around these workstations, for example by putting herbology tools on the wall behind a potting table, or by doing the same with potion equipment and decor. Given how dirty and smelly these workstations would be, players might always want to keep their finest decor far away.

6 Use Gothic Items For Lighting Effects

Some Gothic Decor Items Have Working Candles

Hogwarts Legacy Dark Arts Room of Requirement Aesthetic

If players have chosen one of the two darker ambiances, then placing a few gothic items can have a huge impact thanks to candles that produce light. For example, the gothic decorated table and its light can serve as a great central place around which chairs can be placed.

Alternatively, it can be placed against a wall to highlight a key painting above. Candles were also used extensively in this time period and fit in perfectly with the atmosphere of the game, making them welcome additions to any space.

5 Mix & Match Styles

The 4 Architectural Styles Often Work Together In Surprising Ways

Hogwarts Legacy Room of Requirement Gothic Windows

Many of the basic conjuration items as well as the walls, floor, and ceiling have four different customizable styles, these being Scientific, Botanical, Eclectic, and Gothic. Interestingly these are the styles that have been predominantly used for the four Hogwarts House Common Rooms of Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, and Gryffindor.


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While the Room of Requirement can look fantastic decorated in just one of these styles with everything matching, don’t be afraid to mix things up and make some combinations. For example, the stone Botanical floor can look great with the stone Gothic windows. Changing the colors of these items too can produce some surprising results.

4 Unlock As Many Conjurations As Possible

Having More Options Opens Up More Possibilities

Hogwarts Legacy Erumpent Horn Conjuration

Conjuration items are the foremost form of decoration in the Room of Requirement and the best conjurations in Hogwarts Legacy can make all the difference. To avoid being held back by a lack of options, players should therefore try to unlock as many conjurations as possible.

Practical conjuration spellcrafts, for Herbology and Potions, can be purchased from Tomes and Scrolls in Hogsmeade, but most others are randomly unlocked from the various hexagonal collection chests that players will find throughout the game. Some of these chests can be found by following Butterflies. There are also some conjurations that are unlocked by completing specific missions and if players hover over these items in the building menu from inside the Room of Requirement, it will tell them which quest is required.

3 Use Bookcases To Create New Rooms

This Is The Best Way To Change The Structure Of The Room Of Requirement

Hogwarts Legacy Bookcases

As players progress through the game, the Room of Requirement will evolve unlocking more rooms and corridors, as well as more vivarium biomes with their own unique entrances. However, if players want to further subdivide their rooms or even create their own corridors, they can.

For example, bookcases placed side by side can create the illusion of walls, allowing for cozier spaces to be created. The Eclectic Bookcases are particularly great as they are double-sided, allowing players to easily create multiple rooms. This can also be done with dressing screens, which can be increased in size to make even bigger walls.

2 Make Deek A Little Room With Shrunken Items

The Size Of Almost Every Conjuration Can Be Magically Altered

hogwarts legacy deek room of requirement elf

The House-elf Deek is always friendly and more than happy to help, and if players have listened to his story they will know he has been through a lot in the past. With this in mind, players might consider creating a small space in their Room of Requirement just for Deek.


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To better accommodate his small stature, players can shrink all the items they place for Deek, from writing desks and tables to the chairs he can hopefully relax in. While Deek won’t actually interact with these items, role-playing in Hogwarts Legacy can always make the experience more enjoyable. Playing around with the size of items is a good tip in general, as sometimes conjurations will fit perfectly after their size has been altered.

1 Find The Right Ambiance

Lighting Can Completely Transform The Appearance

Hogwarts Legacy Study Room of Requirement

When players are first introduced to the Room of Requirement by Professor Weasley, one of the many things they are told is that they can speak to Deek at any time to alter the ambiance of the room. Not only is this something that players might have forgotten, but it is also an aspect of creation that can be severely overlooked.

There are multiple different ambiances that players can opt for, from dark and mysterious to natural and airy and these can have drastic effects on how everything looks. While the ambiance can always be changed later, it can be a good idea to try out options first to see how certain items look under different light.

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