Despite the simple design of Terraria, this game has many unique mechanics that can confuse any newbie. One of these mechanics is background walls, which, despite their simplicity, have many features. Of course, players can easily buy some walls from merchants and use them to build their first home, but changing the layout of their home will likely cause problems.

Most problems arise when the player wants to break some walls of dungeons or catacombs since this seems impossible. The fact is that destroying any background walls in Terraria is not so easy, since this requires a special tool and knowledge of some features of the game.


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How to Break Background Walls in Terraria

Wooden Hammer in Terraria

To break Background Walls in Terraria, players need to create and use a tool called Hammer. You can create your first Wooden Hammer using just 8 Wood on the Work Bench; however, its speed and usefulness are far from ideal. This item will only break walls made from the most dilapidated materials, and it will take quite a lot of time. But you can create many higher-quality versions of this tool. In addition, having progressed in the game, you can also use various Hamaxes, which not only break walls but also help cut down trees.

Alternatively, you can use any Explosives or fire sources. Unlike the Hammer, Explosives can destroy most of the Background Walls you can find in the game world. However, this method will lead to the fact that you cannot collect and use these walls again. As for fire, it can destroy easily flammable walls, but it will also destroy them without the possibility of subsequent use.

However, even if you did not plan to destroy the walls irrevocably, you may have to resort to these methods. Sometimes, a Hammer in your hand is not enough to break Background Walls, so consider the following:

  • If you want to break walls in dungeons, mines, or other similar places, you must start from the place where the wall ends. In this case, you will have to look for a place where the background walls begin or start breaking it from the very top if you want to collect the walls in the mine.
  • Also, you can use explosives to destroy part of the wall and create an improvised edge of the wall, from which you can start mining with the Hammer.


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Finally, it is worth adding that in most cases, when mining any wall, you will receive its Safe version. Simply put, a stone wall from a mine can provoke the spawning of monsters. However, if you break it and install it in your home, it will not cause underground creatures to appear in your buildings. As for the initially Safe walls, they will remain safe.


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May 16, 2011
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