Besides the usual side quests players receive from Hogwarts Professor to learn a new spell in Hogwarts Legacy, there are also side quests given by fellow students. Although some are relatively easy and can be done within the castle’s grounds, others are more dangerous and require a bit of work.

Adelaide Oakes is a Hufflepuff student who sends an owl to the protagonists informing them to meet her at the Transfiguration Courtyard in Hogwarts Legacy. The letter reveals that Adelaide is worried about someone immensely and requests players’ help to ease her nerves.


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Updated on January 14, 2024, by Nahda Nabiilah: The Tale of Rowland Oakes quest will mostly take place in the West side of the North Hogwarts Region in Hogwarts Legacy. If players haven’t unlocked any waypoint in this area, it won’t cause a problem as they can discover it along the way. The quest can be triggered inside Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry by speaking with Adelaide Oakes. After that, players need to rescue Rowland from a bunch of Goblins while following the footsteps of a mysterious map found in one of the enemy’s camps.

How To Complete Tale Of Rowland Oakes Quest In Hogwarts Legacy

adelaide oakes in hogwarts legacy

To complete the Tale of Rowland Oakes’s side quest in Hogwarts Legacy, players must solve a small puzzle to find Adelaide’s uncle and save him. Triggering it requires completing The Helm of Urtkot quest.

Once players receive an owl from Adelaide, meet her at the Transfiguration Courtyard accessed from the Central Hall Floo Flame. The Hufflepuff reveals that she’s worried about her uncle, a metal trader, getting involved in a shady deal with Ranrok’s Loyalists. This pushes Adelaide to contact players and request their help finding her uncle. There are a couple of steps to complete this quest.

Clear Out The Enemy Camp And Search For Clues

jackdaw tomb floo flame in hogwarts legacy

To reach Rowland Oakes campsite, players can teleport to Jackdaw’s Tomb Floo Flame and use the Broom in Hogwarts Legacy to fly there. It appears that Ranrok’s Loyalists raided the camp and Adelaide’s uncle is nowhere to be found. Here, players have the choice of either fighting the Goblins head-on or discreetly using the Disillusionment spell.

rowland oakes journal and map in hogwarts legacy

After clearing the camp, use the Revelio spell in Hogwarts Legacy to discover some hidden clues. The protagonists will eventually stumble upon Rowland Oakes’s Journal and Rowland Oakes’s Map, hinting at the location of the trade.

Solve The Map Puzzle

rowland map in hogwarts legacy

Upon closer inspection, the map is full of landmarks that players can follow to reach the trade location where Adelaide’s uncle is being held. Additionally, there’s a river that seems to connect the campsite to the trade location.

ruin location in hogwarts legacy

To reach the trade location immediately, players can teleport to the Korrow Ruins Floo Flame and enter the ruins after defeating the horde of Goblins. If they haven’t discovered the Flame yet, summon the Broom and head southwest from the campsite while following the river until the ruins appear.

Save Rowland Oakes From The Ruins

rowland oakes location in hogwarts legacy

Once the protagonists are inside the Korrow Ruins, they need to find Rowland Oakes’s Wand in Hogwarts Legacy and give it to him, so he can free himself from the cell. To find Adelaide’s uncle:

destroyed walls path in hogwarts legacy

  • Head down the stairs to fight a couple of Goblins.
  • Turn right and walk through the destroyed walls.
  • Defeat the enemies in the furnace room.
  • Go right and head down the stairs to the barrels room.
  • Head left into the tunnel.
  • Defeat the Goblins.
  • Go to the cell at the end of the corridor and talk to Rowland Oakes.

stairs next to the gate in hogwarts legacy

To get the wand:

  • Head back to the furnace room.
  • Climb the stairs near the round gate.
  • Go left when faced with a crossroad.

light up the furnace in hogwarts legacy

  • Use any fire spell in Hogwarts Legacy like Incendio or Confringo to light the furnace.
  • Open the round gate and defeat all the Goblins inside.

rowland oakes wand location in hogwarts legacy

  • Enter the room on the right to get Rowland Oakes’s Wand.

Upon acquiring the missing Wand, return it to Mr. Oakes so he can get out. Players will receive a Handcrafted Necklace and 180 XP as rewards.

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