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Jade is known in Honkai: Star Rail‘s story as one of the Ten Stonehearts, and a manager in IPC’s Strategic Investment Department. When it comes to her gameplay however, she’s an AoE oriented character that can function both as sub-DPS or main DPS, depending on team compositions players have in hand. This is because her primary utility is her follow-up attacks, which can be performed based on her Debt Collector Mechanic, which can be either used on herself, or on an ally in order to buff them.


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Considering that Jade’s own kit comes with some self buffs, for example being able to increase her own Crit DMG, building Jade is not as difficult as some other characters, despite her still required to be built similar to many DPS characters while requiring to balance certain stats. Here’s everything players need to know when building Jade in Honkai: Star Rail.

Best Jade Build In Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai_ Star Rail – Jade Best Build

  1. Yet Hope is Priceless
  2. Night on the Milky Way
  3. Today Is Another Peaceful Day (S5)
  4. Before Dawn
  5. Eternal Calculus (S5)
  6. Geniuses’ Repose (S5)
  • 4pc The Ashblazing Grand Duke
  • 4pc Genius of Brilliant Stars
  • 4pc Wind-Soaring Valorous

Planar Ornament

  • Duran Dynasty of Running Wolves
  • Sigonia the Unclaimed Desolation
  • Inert Salsotto
  • Izumo Gensei and Takama Divine Realm
  • Body: Crit Rate or Crit DMG
  • Feet: ATK
  • Planar Sphere: Quantum DMG Bonus
  • Link Rope: ATK / Energy Regeneration
  • Sub-stat: Crit Rate/DMG > ATK > Speed

Best Jade Relics In Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai_ Star Rail – Jade Best Relics

Jade is designed similarly to standard DPS characters, prioritizing Crit Rate, Crit DMG, Speed and ATK, to maximize her effectiveness. Despite this, players can build her efficiently without overly focusing on Crit DMG since her Talent allows her to stack it naturally. Instead, maintaining a balanced distribution of the other stats is key to optimizing her performance.

Regarding the best Relic sets, Jade offers considerable flexibility. One optimal set is the Ashblazing Grand Duke, which can be shared with characters like Jing Yuan or Herta if they aren’t part of the same team. For encounters against Quantum-weak enemies, the Genius of Brilliant Stars set is another excellent choice, particularly if players have farmed this set for other Quantum characters. Additionally, if players have been farming relics for Firefly from the same domain, the Wind-Soaring Valorous set is also viable if they have obtained high-quality pieces. However, the Ashblazing Grand Duke set remains the top-performing option for Jade.



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For the Planar Ornaments, performance between different sets is a bit more minimal, and players should essentially decide on which one to equip based on their sub-stats. Duran Dynasty of Running Wolves and Inert Salsotto generally are a bit more fitting for Jade for each occasion, on the other hand Sigonia the Unclaimed Desolation and Izumo Gensei and Takama Divine Realm depend more on team composition, while being particularly useful in Pure Fiction, as opposed to other content.

Taking everything into account, players should generally aim for a Crit Rate or Crit DMG Body piece, depending on whether they have managed to build sufficient Crit Rate through other means such as sub-stats. For the Feet piece, ATK is ideal, while the Planar Sphere should focus on Quantum DMG, and the Link Rope should prioritize ATK. Alternatively, players can opt for Speed on the Feet piece or Energy Regeneration on the Link Rope if they prefer. The sub-stats should also align with the general build, emphasizing Crit Rate, Crit DMG, ATK and Speed to optimize Jade’s performance.

Best Jade Light Cones In Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai_ Star Rail – Jade Best Light Cone

When it comes to Light Cones, Jade can effectively utilize various Erudition Light Cones that enhance her damage or focus on critical stats. If players intend to use her as a sub-DPS rather than a main carry, the necessity of her signature Light Cone diminishes, though it remains a valuable choice for those who have extra resources to invest.

Jade’s signature Light Cone, Yet Hope Is Priceless, is her best-in-slot and will provide the most advantage to her, as long as players are able to stack at least 200% Crit DMG on her, which is not too difficult, especially in longer battles. However, many 5-star and 4-star Light Cone options are not far behind, with the second-best option being Himeko’s Light Cone, Night on the Milky Way, which is quite solid, especially in Pure Fiction. For players who purchase the Battle Pass, a fully refined Today Is Another Peaceful Day will be the best 4-star option, even surpassing another follow-up attack-oriented Light Cone, Before Dawn, which is more specific to Jing Yuan. Additionally, while all these Light Cones can be considered a heavy investment, players also have access to a 5-star F2P Light Cone from Herta’s store, Eternal Calculus, as the best F2P option which will perform at a similar rate to Before Dawn as well.

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