Spoilers for Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.1’s story aheadA Honkai: Star Rail leak has revealed more details about Firefly’s abilities. Although Firefly isn’t playable in Honkai: Star Rail yet, many fans are looking forward to adding her to their roster.

Firefly was introduced in Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.0, where she appears in Penacony’s Dreamscape as the Trailblazer’s tour guide and newfound friend. Firefly’s charming personality made her an instant favorite with many players.


Honkai: Star Rail Leak Reveals Helpful New Feature

A Honkai: Star Rail leak suggests that a helpful new feature may be coming in the next update, and many players are excited.

At the end of Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.1’s story, it was revealed that Firefly was actually the alternate identity of Sam the Stellaron Hunter, which came as a surprise to many players. According to a leak reported by HomDGCat, Firefly’s Technique will temporarily turn her into the Molten Knight, which will conceal her from enemies and allow her to block all incoming attacks, among other abilities. The rest of Firefly’s kit is the same as what HomDGCat previously leaked.

Firefly’s Rumored Ability

  • Updated Technique: Immediately transforms into the Molten Knight, lasting for some time. When transformed, she cannot be spotted by enemies and blocks all incoming attacks; receives increased movement speed, and ignores all enemies while moving.

Many Honkai: Star Rail fans expressed their excitement about being able to switch between Firefly and Sam. Some are also requesting for this transformation to be possible in combat, similar to how Jingliu transforms mid-battle after enough stacks.

Honkai: Star Rail revealing Sam as Firefly was a huge swerve, especially since many fans have been waiting for the Stellaron Hunter to be playable for a while now. With this revelation, however, it’s highly likely that Firefly and Sam will be revealed as a pair, just like Topaz and Numby and, technically, Clara and Svarog. The only details missing now are the characters’ release date and their star level.

Honkai: Star Rail has already revealed the next 5-star characters for Version 2.2, namely Robin and Boothill. It has yet to reveal the 4-star character, which was previously rumored to be Firefly. But considering that Firefly and Sam are the same person, it’s possible that they might be promoted to 5-star for a future update.


Honkai: Star Rail
April 26, 2023

T for Teen


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