In a world filled with zombies, you need to collect everything that can help you survive. Sometimes, you can’t fit all the useful stuff into your HQ, and that means you’ll have to expand your storage. Here, we’ll tell you how to build a Warehouse in Infection Free Zone, which will help you store more items for your plans.


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How to Build a Warehouse in Infection Free Zone

Warehouse in Infection Free Zone

Building a Warehouse in Infection Free Zone can be a bit complicated since you can’t just place this structure wherever you want. Instead, you will have to find an empty building and repurpose it.

Follow the next steps to build a Warehouse in Infection Free Zone:

  • Open the Building Menu in the bottom left corner.
  • Select the Basic tab. This is the first tab in the menu.
  • Click on the Warehouse button.
  • Choose the building you want to repurpose.
  • Click on this building and wait for your workers to complete the construction of the Warehouse.

How Many Resources Do You Need to Build a Warehouse in Infection Free Zone?

Warehouse in Infection Free Zone

The most confusing thing about structures of this type is that they do not require a specific number of materials to build. Instead, the cost of your Warehouse will depend on the size of the building. This parameter also determines the capacity of the Warehouse and the maximum number of workers you can assign to build it.

If you choose a bigger building, then you’ll get more storage space. However, this means that you will need to invest more materials and use more workers to build it faster.


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What Are Warehouses in Infection Free Zone?

Infection Free Zone base

Warehouses in Infection Free Zone are basic buildings available to you from the very beginning of the game. They increase your storage space, which means they need to be built whenever you can’t fit all the items you find.

Also, they function as points where your scavengers or workers can dump their items. So, you can build Warehouses near different points of interest, such as areas with many trees. If you do this, your lumberjacks can store wood there instead of going back to the HQ.

Finally, all Warehouses and your HQ share the same storage, meaning you can access your resources from any of them. So, if one of your squads needs to replenish its ammunition, you can send it to the nearest Warehouse.

Expanding your Infection Free Zone with more buildings is always important, but it also means you’ll have to constantly increase your storage capacity. Hopefully, this guide will help you on your journey, and you will survive in this cruel, apocalyptic world.

Infection Free Zone is available on PC.


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