Enshrouded is an open-world action RPG combat game where players start off by building a base and completing quests. Once players have customized their character, they can explore the map filled with mysterious creatures. The game is vague, and players need to fight off some bosses in order to make progress. On their journey, players collect various crafting items that can be used to build weapons and other important stuff.

Metal scraps are an important crafting item in Enshrouded since most armor and weapons require metal scraps to craft. So it goes without saying that it is one of those resources to stockpile first. Luckily, it is relatively abundant and can be found in several places.


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Metal Scraps can be found at several locations. However, a few places have large amounts of it. These include:

  • Braelyn Bridge stands out as a prime location for acquiring Metal Scraps. Players can explore this area to find an abundance of them.
  • Longkeep is another excellent place to find metal scraps. Players can locate this area by going west to their first home base.

Players Metal Scraps via the following methods:

From the Loot of Defeated Enemies

The best and the most reliable way to collect Metal Scraps is by collecting them from the loot of defeated enemies. Defeating any enemy generates loot containing various items, including Metal Scraps. Unfortunately, not every enemy drops Metal Scraps as loot, so players might have to take down a few!

Alternatively, players can look for Scavengers since there is a likelihood of dropping Metal Scraps in the form of loot once defeated. Scavengers can be identified by their helmets that have pointy edges. Players can locate them in areas outside the Shroud. Fortunately, it isn’t very hard to beat them, and basic weapons must be enough to do the job.

Explore the Camps

Players can also find Metal Scraps while exploring the camps and ruins while exploring the game’s large open world. However, they might need to pay close attention to their surroundings and search the area thoroughly. It can be found in different places, including tables and on the ground, providing players with opportunities to collect it.

Another way to get Metal Scraps is by destroying different items in the camps, such as beds, tables, barrels, and crates. However, not every item will generate Metal Scraps, and players need to look for those that contain metal.

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January 24, 2024

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