• Huawei filed a patent for a customizable video game controller, allowing players to modify the shape to fit their preferences and physical needs.
  • The controller pieces connect to a central base component, offering a wide range of customization options such as different weapon configurations or a steering wheel shape.
  • While there is no guarantee that this controller will be manufactured and sold, it showcases Huawei’s commitment to innovation and provides insight into the developments happening in the gaming industry.

Chinese technology giant Huawei has filed a patent for a handheld video game controller that can be modified into various shapes depending on the player’s desired configuration. Huawei has previously released unique game consoles for Chinese audiences, along with a series of popular mobile phones, and the tech powerhouse is now entering the fray of customizable gaming controllers.

Huawei Technologies is a Chinese multinational corporation that acts as designer, developer, and manufacturer of a vast array of technological equipment including telecommunications devices, consumer electronics, and even solar products. The company is frequently compared to Sony, as both entities share a similar catalog of tech developments. As Sony is also working on new controller patents, Huawei is keeping pace with its own video game hardware offerings.


Old-School Xbox Controller Making A Comeback

A classic-style Xbox controller from Microsoft’s very first gaming system is coming back for modern hardware thanks to a noted accessory maker.

A new patent reveals that Huawei is developing a new handheld video game controller made of interconnecting pieces that can be separated and reconnected, allowing players to completely modify the controller. The pieces connect to a central “base component,” which the separate pieces can be reattached to in a number of ways. Examples given in the patent include a number of weapon configurations, a steering wheel shape, and a wider grip layout. Huawei notes that the intent of this controller design would be to give each individual player the freedom to modify the device to fit their own physical needs, gameplay style, and creative designs. With a variety of customizable video game controllers already on the market, Huawei is working to provide its own offering, though there is no guarantee that this controller will ever be manufactured and sold to consumers.

Huawei Game Controller Patent Details


Figures 28-32 of the Huawei handheld video game controller patent show a number of potential modifications that can be made to suit players’ needs. A steering wheel setup and two gun configurations can be seen, highlighting the possible uses of a modifiable controller. The individual pieces, such as items 102 and 301 in Figures 28-32, can be seen in altered positions. These separable components offer a unique degree of customization, as other devices on the market often have a fixed controller design with buttons and joysticks being the only interchangeable pieces. However, companies frequently file patents that are never brought to fruition, so there is no guarantee that this controller will ever be made available. It does at least give consumers a useful insight into the developments happening at Huawei and reveals some of the growing innovations at technology companies.

Hardware evolutions continue to provide unique gameplay offerings which in turn can drive healthy competition between tech giants. Having a wide variety of controllers to choose from allows players to customize their gaming experience and helps to make video games more accessible. As Huawei continues to contribute to the growing array of video game hardware options, interested fans may want to stay tuned to learn more about new offerings in technology and gaming.


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