• The Indiana Jones franchise has struggled to connect with audiences recently due to an aging lead star, lack of engaging stories, and overall fatigue.
  • MachineGames’ upcoming video game, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, has the potential to inject new life into the series by offering a fresh storytelling experience and putting players in the shoes of Indy in his prime.
  • If The Great Circle game succeeds, it could pave the way for a new era of Indy-led games and provide fans with the experiences they have been waiting for since the first film, ensuring the franchise’s longevity even without new movies.

It is no secret that after the release of The Last Crusade, the Indiana Jones franchise has struggled a bit to connect with audiences. With the release of The Dial of Destiny, it is pretty clear that moviegoers do not really have any interest in seeing more Harrison Ford-led Indiana Jones films. However, Disney is not planning on stopping anytime soon as MachineGames prepares to release its own entry sometime in 2024. And if it proves to be a success, then maybe the future of the franchise is in the gaming space.

There are many reasons why the Indiana Jones franchise has struggled lately, including an aging lead star, lack of engaging stories, and overall fatigue. But a video game has the chance to inject new life into this series if MachineGames is able to do it justice. Not only does a video game let the series tell a whole new type of story, but it is also not tied down by the same things the films are. Instead, it can put players in the shoes of Indy in his prime, which can lead to a fantastic experience that fans may not soon forget.


Indiana Jones and the Great Circle’s Gina Needs to Break One Franchise Trope

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle promises to give players a classic Indy adventure, but there’s one element it should improve or move on from.

The Indiana Jones Franchise Could Find New Life Within the Video Game Industry

Indiana Jones Has Struggled a Bit Recently in the Film Industry

Although Indiana Jones never reached the heights of Star Wars, there was a time when it was a massive hit for Lucasfilm. The first three films brought viewers on exciting adventures and The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles let them see Indy in his earliest days. While the Harrison Ford films were better than the TV show, they all helped make a series that will forever be iconic. However, ever since the end of the show, Indiana Jones has been in a bit of a tough spot.

After a 19-year gap, Indiana Jones returned to the big screen with The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It may have ended up grossing the most out of any film in the series, but it proved extremely controversial with the fanbase and is often considered the worst entry. Instead of forging ahead with the plotlines laid out in it, the series was once again put on hold for 15 years before The Dial of Destiny was released. And while that film may have been a bit better than its predecessor, due to its massive budget, it ended up losing Disney an estimated $100 million.

Indiana Jones’ Video Games Could Revive This Struggled Series

Even though no announcement has been made, Indiana Jones is likely to be put on hold yet again after these two recent entries failed to deliver. There is a strong chance that fans will not see another film in this series for a long time, and when one finally releases, it will probably not be the same. But, that does not mean there are no plans for future Indiana Jones adventures, as MachineGames is currently hard at work crafting its own chapter in this story; Indiana Jones and the Great Circle.

It is too early to say if The Great Circle will be a hit, but the gameplay trailer has shown a game that may be perfect for fans of the series. Instead of following in the footsteps of older Indiana Jones games, this title will put players in the shoes of the titular character via a first-person viewpoint. It seems like that will lead to an adventure unlike any other, and based on MachineGames’ past games, it may be exactly what fans have been looking for.

If The Great Circle succeeds, then it needs to usher in a new era of Indy-led games. If the franchise cannot survive at the box office, then it could find new life within video games. These stories could let players see this character in his prime, which would let the studio expand the series’ mythos in exciting new ways and finally give fans the experiences they have wanted since the very first film. While he may have taken his final bow on screen, his stories and adventures could live on for eternity if the video game industry gives the series the care it deserves.

Indiana Jones and The Great Circle will arrive sometime in 2024 for PC and Xbox Series X/S.


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