• Stellar Blade’s 1.004 update is causing graphical issues in Balanced and Graphics modes, affecting image quality.
  • Shift Up, the developer of Stellar Blade, has acknowledged the problem and is working with Sony to fix it.
  • Despite the setback, Shift Up remains committed to supporting Stellar Blade and plans for a potential sequel and PC port.

The recent 1.004 update for Stellar Blade has reportedly been causing graphical issues for some players. The PlayStation 5 exclusive offers three visual modes for players to choose from, namely Balanced, Graphics, and Performance, but the newest Stellar Blade update has seemingly degraded the image quality of two of those modes.

Even though Stellar Blade is developer Shift Up’s first console title, the studio made a strong impression with the game’s launch, offering a polished visual and gameplay experience. Stellar Blade was embroiled in some controversy at the time of its release, but it ultimately ended up being a commercial success for Shift Up, with the developer considering a sequel and PC port for the game among its future plans. For now, though, Shift Up is focused on supporting Stellar Blade‘s PS5 version with extra content.



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Stellar Blade‘s latest 1.004 update went live earlier this week, bringing new outfits, the ability to change haircuts from the menu, bug fixes, and more. However, players are reporting that the game’s visual make-up has taken a noticeable hit since the update, with the Balanced and Graphics modes resulting in a blurry, hazy presentation. This issue is present in the menu screen as well as gameplay, with the 60fps Performance mode being the only unaffected graphical preset right now. Thankfully, Shift Up has acknowledged the issue in a recent tweet, and is working with publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment to rectify the problem.

Stellar Blade Players Complain About Blurry Image Quality in Some Modes

At the time of writing, it’s unclear what may be causing the issue or how widespread it is. Since the update 1.004 patch notes don’t mention any graphical improvements or optimizations, the blurry image quality is a possible byproduct of a bug affecting the resolution upscaling in the Balanced and Graphics modes. Stellar Blade‘s gorgeous post-apocalyptic world can really benefit from the higher pixel counts of these modes, and players who prefer them may have to hold off until the issue is fixed or switch to the Performance mode.

Although the degraded visual presentation might be disappointing for some, Shift Up has at least been quick to address the issue and commit to a fix. The studio didn’t provide a timeline for when players could expect it, but given the scope of the problem, it may not take too long. In the meantime, those who are comfortable playing in Performance mode have a lot to look forward to with update 1.004, with Shift Up’s exciting future ambitions with Stellar Blade also being a promising sign for the sci-fi series.

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Stellar Blade

April 26, 2024

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