Wondering how to build a Rocket in LEGO Fortnite? Here’s a complete guide to help you out.

Lego Fortnite is one of the modes introduced in Fortnite. It is a survival-crafting game mode where you can play as your favorite Lego character, build a village and explore the biomes. Since it is a multiplayer mode, it also allows players to play with their friends and help each other with their missions.

In Lego Fortnite, players can gather crafting materials and build structures using these items. A rocket is one of the exciting items players can make using various items in the build mode. These rockets can even be launched into the sky. However, most players do not know how to build a rocket from scratch. Here’s a complete guide to players walking through the steps of crafting a rocket in LEGO Fortnite.


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How to Build a Lego Fortnite Rocket

lego fortnite build mode

Building a rocket isn’t as complicated as it seems, provided players have the required resources stockpiled. The following materials are required to build a rocket in Lego Fortnite.



Granite Foundations 4x4x12


Dynamic Foundations


Large Thrusters


Activation Switch




Once players have gathered these resources, they can start the building process:

  1. Select the granite foundation 4x4x12 and place it on level ground.
  2. Place a dynamic foundation above in the middle of the granite foundation. It will act as the base for the rocket.
  3. Place large thrusters underneath the corner of the dynamic foundation. Now, cover all other corners by placing them in the same manner.
  4. Place the same granite foundation above on the corner of the dynamic foundation. Cover the dynamic foundation with granite foundations by placing it on all sides. Fill the middle as well by using the same foundations. It will take 16 foundations to cover the dynamic foundation completely.
  5. Place four graphite foundations above in the center of the previous structure. This will give the structure a rocket look. To make it look more accurate, place one more graphite foundation in the middle of the previous structure.
  6. Place the activation button in the center of the structure. However, players can place it wherever they want to, since it won’t make a difference.
  7. Break the granite foundation that was placed in the first step. Before breaking it, put some balloons on the rocket. This will prevent rockets from suddenly falling and breaking. Lastly, access the activation switch and turn it on.

Players can use more thrusters to increase the launch speed and more balloons to prevent the structure from suddenly falling and breaking.


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December 7, 2023

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