I’ve tried many gaming mice over the years, but I always seem to come back to Logitech’s G502 Hero. I started with the wired version many moons ago, and it’s just as good as the wireless model if you don’t mind it staying tethered to your PC. It has the advantage of having zero latency (although the wireless model is close) and it’s the more economical choice, too. The wired model is even cheaper than usual over at Amazon right now, where it’s close to an all-time low at $35.99. That’s about $14 off its usual price of $49.99. Best Buy also has it for a dollar more at $36.99.

The G502 uses a 25,600 DPI Hero sensor, which offers so wide a range of sensitivity tuning that you should have no problems getting your cursor or turning speeds just right. It also features RGB lighting and 11 programmable buttons, both easily customizable with Logitech’s G Hub app. One of my favorite features is the weighted mouse wheel that toggles between free-flowing and ridged friction with the click of a button. I also like the DPI toggle that lets you lower the sensitivity temporarily, which is great for lining up the perfect shot in shooting games or making fine adjustments in digital imaging apps like Photoshop.

If you need affordable Joy-Con replacements for your Nintendo Switch to address drifting issues, the Hori Split Pad Compact might be the best starting point. They offer a nice balance between size, affordability, and added grip. Target Circle members (the retailer’s free loyalty rewards program) can buy a pair for $25.99 (about $7 off) at Target, establishing a new price floor.

Bulkier replacements may have better ergonomics and a few more features, but not everyone enjoys the added heft. The Split Pad Compact meets in the middle without too many compromises compared to the bigger Split Pad Pro. You still get raised analog sticks, dual programmable rear buttons, and a turbo function. What you don’t get compared to official Joy-Cons is haptic feedback, NFC, IR, or motion controls. Those tradeoffs are typical for any third-party controller and more than fair for the Split Pad Compact, considering they cost a third of the price.


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