• A new Marvel Rivals leak hints at a console release alongside the confirmed PC launch, offering the potential for wide platform availability.
  • Fans are hopeful for a PS5 and Xbox release, as NetEase openly explores multiplatform release possibilities.
  • Rumor seeker Dreamz Gaming claimed to have found hidden code in Marvel Rivals’ website, suggesting the game’s availability on consoles.

A new Marvel Rivals leak suggests that the upcoming hero shooter title could be coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox consoles as well as PC. After nearly a week of rumors and speculation, Naraka: Bladepoint publisher NetEase announced that it was joining forces with Marvel Games for a free-to-play multiplayer shooter in the style of Overwatch late last month. Marvel Rivals will feature a packed roster of playable heroes, from obvious choices like Iron Man and Spider-Man to some lesser-known characters like Luna Snow, all engaging in frantic match-ups set in destructible environments.

So far, Marvel Rivals is only confirmed for PC, but many eager fans remain hopeful that the game will be available on consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S at some point after its launch. NetEase itself has been open to the possibility, telling the public that it was “actively exploring potential releases on other platforms” on the day Marvel Rivals was officially revealed. Sure enough, the rumors that hinted at the existence of Marvel Rivals before said reveal also claimed that the title would come to consoles and mobile devices, though this is far from concrete evidence.


Marvel Rivals Proves One Hero’s Heyday is Only Just Beginning

Marvel Rivals gathers icons in a hero shooter ensemble and continues to demonstrate how vital one particular character is and will be in games.

Twitter user and video game rumor seeker Dreamz Gaming thinks they found some definitive proof that Marvel Rivals could be available on consoles while looking at the game’s official website. According to them, the website contains hidden code that, once enabled, displays an alternate homepage listing the platforms Marvel Rivals will be released for. Included in this expanded list is PS5 and Xbox Series X/S alongside the already confirmed Steam and Epic Games Store.

New Leak Suggests Marvel Rivals Will Be Multiplatform

This latest Marvel Rivals leak might be the strongest evidence yet that the game will be available on consoles at some point after its PC release, which still doesn’t have an official date as of this writing. There will be a closed alpha test in May, which will allow players to try Marvel Rivals out ahead of time while giving the developers valuable feedback to help fine-tune the game.

Given the increased prevalence of triple-A Marvel-based games like Insomniac’s Spider-Man series and the evergreen popularity of the IP itself, it would arguably be a smart move to launch Marvel Rivals across a wide range of platforms, with versions on consoles and mobile devices bolstering the main PC release. While Dreamz Gaming’s recent discovery seems to be solid proof that this will be the case, it is still advisable to take this rumor with a grain of salt, as it could very well be a false lead or subject to change as Marvel Rivals continues through development.

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