These days, there are ample options to consider when choosing a gaming mouse — we should know, having put together a detailed guide to some of the best available. That said, not everyone needs the latest and greatest gaming peripherals, which makes the current discount on the slightly older Logitech G Pro X Superlight all the more appealing. Right now, the first-gen mouse is on sale at Best Buy in white for an all-time low of $99.99 ($60 off) and in black at Amazon for $109.95 (about $50 off).

Logitech’s original G Pro X Superlight was designed as a step-down version of Logitech’s popular G Pro Wireless. It’s not the company’s most advanced mouse — that would be the newer Superlight 2 — but the right-handed mouse remains a great option for both work and play, with a speedy Hero 25,600 DPI sensor and thumb buttons along the left edge of the mouse. I’m a big fan of its lack of LEDs and long-lasting battery, along with the sleek matte-textured design, which eschews the honeycomb-shaped hole patterns many ultralight mice rely on to keep the weight down. Even without them, though, the OG Superlight weighs a mere 63 grams, and you can shave off an extra three grams if you remove the magnetic plate on the bottom that covers the included 2.4GHz USB receiver.

The most annoying downside is that the last-gen Superlight relies on Micro USB for charging (boo), whereas the new model opts for a saner USB-C connector. The latest version also has a 4kHz response rate and the new Hero 2 sensor aimed at the esports crowd, but it’s also going to cost you quite a bit more at $159.

Despite the recent arrival of Sony’s PlayStation Portal, the Backbone One remains our favorite mobile controller for those looking to play games on their smartphone — including cloud-based games, mobile games, and console games streaming via remote play. The original model supports the iPhone 14 and older Lightning-based phones, while the newer USB-C edition can pair with either the iPhone 15 or Android devices. The second-gen model features an updated D-pad and magnetic adapters that let you use it with a compatible case; however, both iterations are designed to outfit your phone with more comfortable physical controls and a 3.5mm audio jack for using a wired pair of headphones. Neither offering will rival a modern gamepad like Sony’s DualSense when it comes to overall feel, but the standard controls are a huge step up from using a clunky touchscreen for gaming, especially when precision counts.


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