• World Government: Formed to take down Ancient Kingdom, controls everything in One Piece world.
  • Powerful Figures: God Knights like Figarland, Ju Peter, Warcury, Mars, Nusjuro, Saturn are key players.
  • Imu: Sovereign of World Government, part of Nerona Family, has undergone Immortality Surgery.

The World Government is the biggest and strongest organization in One Piece. It came into existence many centuries ago when twenty nations banded together to take down the Ancient Kingdom. They likely felt threatened by the technological advancements of the Ancient Kingdom, which is why they decided to erase it from existence.


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Over time, the World Government’s influence has continued to increase, and it has reached the point where everything is done according to its wishes. The World Government is not just made of bigwigs; in fact, there are many strong characters within the organization who can take down the best fighters in One Piece.

7 Figarland Garling

Role: Leader Of The God Knights

Figarland Garling from One Piece

St. Figarland Garling is the leader of the God Knights of Marijoa. In his heyday, he was known as the champion of the Celestial Dragons. He was a participant in the God Valley incident, which drastically affected the future of the world. Figarland Garling has been seen carrying a sword, so it is safe to say that it is his preferred weapon of choice.

Over the years, he has accumulated a lot of battle experience, which makes him a dangerous opponent. In addition to his combat abilities, he also possesses a great deal of authority, as he was able to execute a Celestial Dragon without any repercussions. This implies that he is above the regular Celestial Dragons in terms of authority.

6 Shepherd Ju Peter

Role: Godhead Of Agriculture

Ju Peter from One Piece

Shepherd Ju Peter looks like the youngest of the Five Elders. He is a blonde man who serves as the Godhead of Agriculture. Ju Peter has loyally served Imu for years, and more often than not, he carries out any order without asking questions.


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Like the other Five Elders, Ju Peter possesses a unique Devil Fruit ability. He can transform into a sandworm. Ju Peter could easily dig through the ground to avoid any direct attacks. His power also enabled him to swallow a person whole, giving them no chance to defend themselves. Ju Peter’s Haki is also rather impressive, and it was complimented by Jimbei.

5 Topman Warcury

Role: Godhead Of Justice

Topman Warcury from One Piece

St. Topman Warcury was given the role of the Godhead of justice. This implies that every major decision in this department is overseen by Warcury. Despite looking old, Warcury possesses an insane amount of power. He possesses Conqueror’s Haki, with which he can knock out enemies who are extremely far away.

Warcury can also use Haki to injure others and push them back. He also possesses a Devil Fruit, which enables him to turn into Fengxi. In his transformed state, Warcury turns into a massive boar with four huge tusks, which he can use as weapons against his foes. The form that fans saw in the Egghead arc was definitely awakened, as there was a cloud of black smoke around his neck.

4 Marcus Mars

Role: Godhead Of Environment

Marcus Mars from One Piece

Marcus Mars is the Godhead of the Environment. He is a tall man who maintains a calm demeanor almost all the time. Marcus Mars is fiercely loyal to Imu and the World Government. He will do anything in his power to ensure that the organization prevails.


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Marcus Mars seems to have a Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit that lets him transform into an Itsumade. It is a gigantic winged creature that can fly at great speeds. During the Egghead arc, Marcus Mars was able to breeze past the defenses of Egghead Island.

3 Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro

Role: Godhead Of Finance

Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro strongest characters in the World Government

Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro is one of the Five Elders and also the Godhead of Finance. Ever since his introduction in the story, fans have been speculating about his strength, mainly because he has been seen with a sword. Many fans have presumed that the sword is actually a Saijo O-Wazamono Grade sword.

Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro’s power lets him transform into a Bakotsu, which looks quite similar to a horse. He possesses incredible speed, as evidenced by his ability to blitz the Pacifista. He is also able to freeze his targets, which gives him all the time in the world to finish them off.

2 Jaygarcia Saturn

Role: Godhead Of Science And Defense

Saturn forces kuma to become a cyborg

St. Jaygarcia Saturn is the Godhead of Science and Defense. Like the other Gorosei, Saturn doesn’t seem like a hardened warrior. However, he proved everyone wrong in the Egghead arc when he wreaked havoc on Vegapunk’s Island. Saturn’s Yokai form turns him into a Gyuki.

His transformed form is quite massive, giving him additional physical strength. Saturn’s appendages also serve as weapons, and he can easily impale them with them. Saturn also has access to a mysterious power that prevents others from moving and harming him. If someone does bypass his defense, his immense regeneration ensures that he recovers in next to no time.

1 Imu

Role: Sovereign Of The World

Imu from One Piece

Imu stands at the very top of the World Government. They belong to the Nerona Family, which helped form the organization many centuries ago. According to Ivankov, Imu has undergone the Immortality Surgery, so they have been alive for centuries. Naturally, they possess knowledge of every major incident that has happened in the past.

Much about Imu’s past and their abilities remains unknown, but everything points to them having insane powers. Since they are the highest authority within the World Government, it is safe to assume that Imu is stronger than the Five Elders. Fans will get to see Imu in action in the later arcs of the Final Saga.

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