• Minecraft
    mods expand gameplay boundaries with new content, quality of life improvements, and storage solutions.
  • Popular mods like JEI, Mouse Tweaks, JourneyMap, AppleSkin, Storage Drawers, and Iron Chests offer unique benefits.
  • Modding scene in Minecraft continues to thrive, providing players with tools to enhance their gaming experience.

Minecraft prides itself on having the sky as the limit, but with mods, this boundary is pushed even further. Mods have been a part of Minecraft since its days in beta, with popular hits like the Aether mod. Community mods have improved as the years went by and now many players regularly play Minecraft primarily with modpacks.



Minecraft: 20 Most Popular Texture Packs

Texture packs can completely change how Minecraft feels. These are the most popular texture packs out there for the game.

The most downloaded mods for Minecraft vary from quality of life features, adding new content to changing the game’s fundamentals. The modding scene in Minecraft is thriving and will keep doing so for the foreseeable future.

This list will not include optimization mods, settings-only mods, or modder tools.

6 Just Enough Items (JEI)

Mod Features: Show Crafting Recipies

It’s a no-brainer that there’s a ton of crafting in Minecraft and adding new mods increases the amount of items players can craft. Just Enough Items (JEI) acts as a crafting guide that works with a few clicks to show the crafting recipe for any item in the game. Special items such as potions will display players needing to use a brewing station, alongside all the required ingredients.

Just Enough Items is a must-have for players using any mod pack as it shows all the new and unique crafting recipes added. JEI works when players open their inventory and use the newly added interface on the right side. Left-clicking an item shows its recipe, while right-clicking shows its uses.

It’s no wonder such a useful mod has almost 300 million downloads.

5 Mouse Tweaks

Mod Features: Quality of Life Improved Mouse Features

Crafting furnace cobblestone

The default mouse-dragging mechanics for Minecraft are lackluster and in need of updating. Having more Mouse Tweaks vastly improves the handling when storing and crafting items. The mod adds a few convenient click options to make moving items around easier and more intuitive.

Players can now hold the right mouse button and continuously add more items to the same type in the crafting table without manually releasing and clicking the button. The most practical feature is depositing items faster by holding shift and right-clicking while hovering over an item to send it into an opened chest, making storing items a breeze.

The added quality-of-life features prove that this mod needs to be added to Minecraft, as it has over 200 million downloads.

4 JourneyMap

Mod Features: Real-Time Map

The maps in Minecraft are great and create grand walls that display a map of a giant area. The only issue with the maps is the hassle of crafting several maps and always carrying one when exploring new areas. Journey Map goes above and beyond by adding a minimap and full-screen map that works in real-time, showing details of the terrain and working flawlessly in multiplayer worlds.

Having a mini-map when exploring can help players find structures they might otherwise have missed. Players can also access a server’s map on the go through their phone or web browser with Journey Map.


Minecraft Players Make Giant Map Spanning Their Entire World

Surveying a Minecraft world can be a huge time investment, but some players manage to create a huge map spanning their multiplayer server.

This mod is a must-have for those playing in a multiplayer world.

3 AppleSkin

Mod Features: Show Food Values

Player eating custom food minecraft

  • User Downloads: 189,014,593
  • Mod Link: AppleSkin

Ever since the introduction of the hunger bar, eating has become a vital part of any player’s experience. Foods have different values for how much hunger and saturation they fill, and Apple Skin makes that information visible to players within the hunger bar.

Foods such as melons will give little saturation, while steak will give lots of saturation and keep players fed for longer. This mod shines by showing players the food and saturation values of modded food items, which gives helpful information about which foods are better.

Since so many mods add their unique foods, Apple Skin is widely used to help players understand their new meal options.

2 Storage Drawers

Mod Features: Improved Storage

Building a storage room is an essential part of any player’s journey. Storage Drawers can alter how players treat their storage needs and segment them within their base. Storage Drawers offer various drawer designs to fit seamlessly within player bases. Storage Drawers are different from chests as they only work with one item and offer no inventory screen, aside from a bar showing how full they are.

Players must click on containers to interact with them. Right-clicking inserts a full stack of a carried item, while double right-clicking will deposit all similar items into the container. Left click will remove a single item, while shift left-clicking will remove an entire stack. Using shift and right-click on a container will show precise item counts.

Simplifying storage needs is an essential aspect of any Minecraft world, especially one full of mods.

1 Iron Chests

Mod Features: Bigger Storage

While some players prefer to have neater storage methods, some still prefer the old and traditional ways. Vanilla chests can only store so much, which gets troubling with a mod pack as players have more stuff than ever to store. Rather than build a bigger storage room, players can maintain their designed storage interior, while using Iron Chests.

Iron Chests upgrades chests to allow them to store more items. Upgrade tiers give more storage and range from gold, iron, diamond, and obsidian. Players can now store all their valuable items in a smaller space.


The 23 Rarest Items In Minecraft (& How To Get Them)

While certain items and materials in Minecraft are notoriously hard to come by, there are ways to obtain these rare things.

With over 150 million downloads, it’s obvious players love having bigger storage options than what is offered in vanilla.

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