Monopoly GO is the mobile adaptation of the popular board game Monopoly. It retains the core mechanics of Monopoly like properties, rent, and bankruptcy, while introducing many new features. The developers keep releasing new events, leaderboard tournaments, and mini-games now and then to keep tycoons hooked for hours. These activities offer not only enjoyment but also opportunities to win fantastic rewards.

The latest minigame in Monopoly GO, Sunset Treasures, is in full swing. It began on March 18 and will be active until March 22. This thrilling minigame brings with itself a new currency, exclusive to the event, called pickaxe or hammer tokens, which you can use to smash tiles and earn plenty of rewards. Collecting them can be challenging, so players may wonder about the fate of these tokens after the event ends. If you’re curious about what happens to the hammers once the event is over, read on to find out.


Monopoly GO: Full Bloom Rewards and Milestones

Find out all the important details about Full Bloom, the latest solo event in Monopoly GO, in this detailed guide.

What Happens to Hammers (Pickaxes) at the End of Sunset Treasures

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As mentioned above, the pickaxes or hammers are used to find hidden treasures on the board. It features 20 milestones, and you’ll need one token to break each tile. As you’d expect, you’ll need lots of tokens to complete the event but, if you use your pickaxes wisely, you may even have some tokens left over after completing all the Sunset Treasures milestones. Fret not, as they won’t go to waste after the minigame concludes.

Once Sunset Treasures is over, you won’t be able to use hammers to find treasures anymore. The game will automatically convert them into dice rolls. Each hammer token will give you three dice, so if you have five hammers, you’ll get a total of 15 dice rolls. Considering that dice rolls are the most crucial currency in Monopoly GO, this conversion isn’t a bad deal at all. In the game, you roll the dice and move your token on the board accordingly. Therefore, having enough dice rolls is important to advance in the game. If you want to get more dice rolls for free, consider checking out this guide.

How to Get Free Pickaxes (Hammers) in Monopoly GO Sunset Treasures

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There are various ways to get hammer tokens for the Sunset Treasures minigame in Monopoly GO. You can earn some by doing the following:

  • Complete your daily quick wins objectives
  • Claim free gifts
  • Participate in the ongoing Full Bloom event and Green Thumb Contest tournament.

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April 11, 2023



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