• Stamina is just as important as unique Quirks in My Hero Academia, as seen in characters like Froppy and Mirko.
  • Characters like Endeavor and Gigantomachia showcase high endurance and strength in intense battles.
  • Bakugo and All Might stand out for their exceptional stamina and ability to keep fighting against powerful foes.

My Hero Academia does not have a shortage of strong, fast and memorable characters, with some heroes that have phenomenal Quirks and villains that make everyone shiver. It’s tough to decide who is truly the best or strongest in that universe, but there are certain characters that are able to keep a good fight going despite insurmountable amounts of pain and exhaustion.


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Whether they’re on their journey to become the Number One Hero or to bring chaos to society, stamina counts as much, if not even more, than how unique or powerful one’s Quirk is. As the determined protagonist, Izuku Midoriya, shows throughout My Hero Academia, dazzling talent is usually not as important as their ability to keep fighting no matter what.

10 Tsuyu Asui – Froppy

Quirky Quirks That Enhance Agility And Confuse Enemies


With a set of peculiar moves, this quirky hero has an unpredictability that makes her rank high among the strongest members of class 1-A. Despite not having a huge amount of raw power, what makes Froppy unique is her agility and high stamina, which allows her to continuously hit an enemy. This half-frog, half-girl is able to disorient enemies with a set of peculiar gifts and a high stamina, which gives her an edge over a lot of her classmates.

  • Strongest Quirk(s): Frog
  • Biggest Stamina Accomplishment: Disorientating enemies with her agility and high stamina

9 Enji Todoroki – Endeavor

Obsessive, Bright And Stubborn Beyond His Own Limitations


More than a highly ranked hero and a powerful Quirk, Endeavor has proven himself multiple times through his fights against the League of Villains. His obsession to surpass All Might was at points detrimental to himself and others around him, yet it gave him motivation to keep improving. He has a high pain resistance as a side of his enhanced stamina and strength. However, Endeavor’s fault lies with his tendency to overheat when using too much of his power, which in turn can deplete his overall stamina.


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  • Strongest Quirk(s): HellFlame
  • Biggest Stamina Accomplishment: Knocking down Gigantomachia despite injuries and overheating

8 Rumi Usaiyama – Mirko

Fan-Favorite And Self-Reliant Hero Capable Of Fighting Countless Enemies

Mirko from My Hero Academia

The Rabbit Hero, also known as Mirko is a powerful character that shows her high stamina through boosted agility and high pain tolerance. Her ability to keep up while fighting multiple opponents at once is not only a testament of her vigor throughout the story, but also as one of the most powerful female characters in anime. In a male-dominated universe, Mirko steals the show multiple times, always with a confident grin, managing to stay powerful no matter the circumstances.

  • Strongest Quirk(s): Rabbit
  • Biggest Stamina Accomplishment: Takes on multiple Nomu at a time

7 Goto Imasuji

Vigorous Villain With Muscle Generation And Regeneration

My Hero Academia - Muscular Winding Up A Big Punch-1

My Hero Academia has so many amazing and powerful villains, yet Goto still manages to stand out, having one of the strongest Quirks among antagonists. Known as Muscular, he loves senseless violence and a good gory battle which is only aided by his ability to cover himself in muscle fibers. His high stamina is mostly due to his ability to generate and manipulate muscle fiber on an amazingly fast scale, meaning he tends to outlast his opponent with his tireless disposition.

  • Strongest Quirk(s): Muscle Augmentation
  • Biggest Stamina Accomplishment: Fighting not long after being defeated

6 Izuku Midoriya – Deku

Quirkless Protagonist En Route To Become The Number One Hero

deku and eri

The protagonist of My Hero Academia may still be on his journey to become the Number One Hero but when it comes to stamina, this hero-in-training definitely stands among the best. Even though he might not be one of the most naturally talented characters, he really grows throughout the story from a Quirkless boy to a resilient young hero. With the One For All, the protagonist is capable of using multiple quirks, and at his best he is capable of taking battles to the next level with his iron will.

  • Strongest Quirk(s): One For All
  • Biggest Stamina Accomplishment: Bringing out all the powers of One For All

5 Gigantomachia

Stamina, Strength And Pain Threshold As High As His Motivation

Gigantomachia in My Hero Academia

To be All For One’s bodyguard is no small feat and Gigantomachia proves so with his high stamina, incredible strength and some of the best Quirks among villains. Overall, this giant’s main attribute is the ability to increase his stamina and strength based solely on his motivation towards a goal. Despite his Endurance, Pain Blocker, Energy Saver and multiple Quirks, his biggest strength is also his fatal flaw, as his power is completely related to his conviction.

  • Strongest Quirk(s): Endurance, Fierce Gains and Pain Blocker
  • Biggest Stamina Accomplishment: Fighting for days without resting and surpassing super-strength Quirks.


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4 Katsuki Bakugo

Number One Potential Who Keeps Getting More Powerful As He Fights


It is not an overstatement to say that Bakugo is filled with talent, being one of the few characters with the potential to be the Number One Hero. His high stamina status is backed up by his impressive ability to keep fighting as long as he is conscious and, through his motivation alone, Bakuga manages to, for the most part, keep up with Deku through their rivalry. Not only does he get stronger as he fights, this fan-favorite also unintentionally helps Deku keep improving as well.

  • Strongest Quirk(s): Explosion
  • Biggest Stamina Accomplishment: Keep fighting no matter what, even when he has been impaled

3 All For One

Worthy Opponent With No Remorse And Extensive Quirk Collection

My Hero Academia All For One

Considered by many the best villain of the My Hero Academia world, All For One is definitely one of, if not the darkest characters of the story. Being a symbol of destruction, he represents the exact opposite of All Might, stealing Quirks and creating chaos. With multiple Quirks, and a strength to be feared, All For One was one of the few who managed to injure All Might in his prime and withstand a long battle with the Hero, proving how unrelenting his stamina and powers really are.

  • Strongest Quirk(s): All For One
  • Biggest Stamina Accomplishments: Pushing All Might to his limit and All For One Quirk

2 Shigaraki Tomura

High Pain Tolerance, Strongest Quirks And Endless Energy


Even among the best heroes and villains, Shigaraki stands in a league of his own, having so many unique Quirks that make him one of the strongest antagonists. His durability, speed and strength, together with his Super Regeneration Quirk, allow him to withstand vast amounts of pain, resulting in his super stamina. He is one of the few characters that has proven multiple times that he can keep on fighting for hours on end, even after suffering lethal attacks.

  • Strongest Quirk(s): The Nomu, All For One and Durability
  • Biggest Stamina Accomplishments: Withstanding heavy attacks and destroying an entire city


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1 All Might

Speed, Stamina And Strength At Their Prime

My Hero Academia How Ochaco Saves ALL Heroes Season 6 episode 24 All Might

There are a few characters that can be considered stronger than Izuko Midoriya, yet All Might is an unmovable point of reference for the strongest characters in the My Hero Academia universe. Known for his strength, speed and, of course, stamina, All Might was the former Number One Hero and the 8th wielder of the One For All. In his prime, he managed to fight for long periods of time and defeat even the strongest of villains. As the Symbol of Peace, he was able to stay at the top for years.

  • Strongest Quirk(s): One For All
  • Biggest Stamina Accomplishments: Symbol of Peace for years and fighting for long periods of time


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