• All Might’s passing of the mantle to the next generation has seen heroes like Bakugo rise to surpass his former power levels.
  • Bakugo’s Quirk reawakening and fight against All For One in the Final War Saga proves his potential to surpass All Might.
  • Characters like Deku and Shigaraki have already surpassed prime All Might in terms of power and capabilities in My Hero Academia.

All Might is one of the most powerful individuals that the fans have seen in the world of My Hero Academia. In fact, prime All Might might just be the very best that the world of MHA has ever seen, and that goes to show how powerful he truly was. In the current timeline of My Hero Academia, fans got to witness a very strong version of All Might, and he fought several incredible battles.


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However, at the end of it all, All Might did end up losing his powers, and passing on the mantle to the next generation. Ever since then, the next generation has reached great heights, and some of them have managed to surpass the former Number One Hero and the Symbol of Peace in many ways.

4 Bakugo

bakugo counters all for one my hero academia mha 411

Bakugo is one of the students of UA and fans have seen him progress greatly over the years. He has made the Explosion Quirk into one of the most dangerous weapons to have ever been seen in the story, and he is certainly among the strongest individuals alive right now.

In the Final War Saga, Bakugo managed to reach the next levels of power. Especially after his Quirk reawakening, he was able to fight against All For One, who, at this point, had turned into a teen. Despite that, Bakufo held his own incredibly well against him. Thanks to his Quirk awakening, he was able to match him in speed, strength, and even outsmart him in battle. It must be kept in mind that Bakugo did all this while being in tremendous pain. Thanks to the injuries that he received from Shigaraki earlier, he felt pain in every single fiber of his body. Furthermore, Bakugo still has a lot of room to grow, and while he might not exactly be on All Might’s level right now in the war, as soon as it concludes and he gets a chance to grow stronger, he will most definitely surpass All Might as he is already on the path to it. Right now, he might be stronger than the Armored All Might, or the one that fans saw at the beginning of the story, but probably not the prime version of him.

3 All For One

Omni Factor Unleash All for one my hero academia mha 410

  • Quirk: All For One
  • All Might Version Surpassed: Beginning Of Story, Armored

All For One certainly did manage to surpass All Might in the Final War Saga. Thanks to him returning to his prime state, All For One got much stronger, and his control over not just his Quirk but also his body was taken to the next level. He could crush even the likes of Endeavor, and even when a group of Heroes decided to go up against him in battle, he was still superior. Regardless of who came up against him in combat, All For One certainly held his own and crushed them without question.


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He has proven himself to be much stronger than any individual in the series, aside from Shigaraki. Eventually, he was defeated by Bakugo, however, his defeat only came after everyone chipped away at him little by little, weakening him in the process.

2 Deku

deku vs shigaraki my hero academia mha 417

  • Quirk: One For All
  • All Might Version Surpassed: Prime

Deku is, quite easily, one of the most powerful individuals in the world right now. He has mastered the One For All, and thanks to the vestiges inside of him, he can utilize other incredible powers as well that push him beyond the level of All Might. Deku is the undisputed strongest in the world right now among the Heroes, and this has been confirmed on many occasions.

Furthermore, Deku is to defeat Shigaraki, who has far surpassed All Might himself. Narratively speaking, Deku has to be stronger than prime All Might, and he has already said in the story that he surpassed the former Symbol of Peace eventually.

1 Shigaraki

final battle shigaraki my hero academia mha 419

  • Quirk: Decay
  • All Might Version Surpassed: Prime

Shigaraki Tomura is the strongest character that has ever existed in the world of My Hero Academia. Although he did not start off as the strongest, the more he grew as a person, the more he became hungry for destruction, and eventually, he morphed into what was described by the vestiges as destruction incarnate.

Shigaraki possessed tremendous power. He has a body that matches that of prime All Might, and it is incredibly hard for one to even scratch. Then, he has the power of Decay, which he can spread all over Japan if he wishes and destroy countries with ease. He also has many stolen Quirks inside his body, and with each power utilizes, he becomes that much more difficult to stop. Shigaraki is the undisputed strongest in My Hero Academia and even prime All Might would struggle to defeat him in combat. Undoubtedly, he has managed to surpass prime All Might in nearly every way possible.


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