• Players have discovered a King Krush hero glitch that grants a +2/+1 buff in Hearthstone.
  • Warsong Wrangler triggers the glitch, mistakenly boosting the hero’s attack and health stats in-game.
  • Quirky interactions like this have happened in Hearthstone before.

Some Hearthstone fans have discovered an entertaining glitch with the new King Krush hero that causes him to receive an unintentional buff when the eponymous Legendary minion does. This unintentional interaction will likely be patched out of Hearthstone soon, but in the meantime, the comical glitch has led to some hilarity for Hunter players who use these cards.

King Krush is an iconic Hunter minion added to Hearthstone when it first launched 10 years ago. First seen as an Elite monster from World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, this iconic T. rex minion recently had a Hunter hero skin released for him, allowing players to play King Krush as King Krush.


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However, it seems like this Hearthstone hero skin has an entertaining glitch with it. Warsong Wrangler, a Hunter card from Hearthstone‘s Forged in the Barrens expansion, allows one to discover a beast in their deck, giving all copies of it two additional attack and one health. If a player uses Warsong Wrangler to discover King Krush in their deck while using the King Krush hero portrait, the Hunter hero will mistakenly get the attack and health bonus as well. Hearthstone streamer Djinn was informed of this interaction by fellow fan e2718 and was able to replicate it and share his findings on his personal Twitter.

Hearthstone’s King Krush Hero Glitch

  • When Warsong Wrangler discovers the King Krush minion in a Hunter deck using the new King Krush hero portrait, the hero erroneously gets the +2/+1 buff.

It is hard to say exactly how this Hearthstone glitch happened. Some surmised Warsong Wrangler picks up the King Krush hero’s name while searching for identical cards, leading to the accidental buff. That said, other cards that destroy all copies of a minion, such as Flik Skyshiv or Whirlpool, do not immediately kill the King Krush hero, so the programming error may be more complex. Either way, fans got a kick out of this accidental interaction, even if they recognized it would likely be fixed in a future Hearthstone patch now that Whizbang’s Workshop is live.

Hearthstone has had similar quirky interactions in the past. Before Hero cards, Lord Jaraxxus was a minion that replaced the hero. Doing this caused the hero to count as a Demon, meaning Sacrificial Pact, which used to destroy any Demon to heal the caster, would instantly kill Jaraxxus and end the Hearthstone game.

Unfortunately, neither King Krush nor Warsong Wrangler is part of Hearthstone’s Year of the Pegasus core set. The King Krush hero portrait is also a shop skin, so fans will have to craft the Wild cards and spend real money if they want to replicate this bug before it is fixed.



Hearthstone is a free-to-play digital trading card game from Blizzard and features many characters from the World of Warcraft universe.


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