• A new Pokemon GO player caught a shundo in their first week of gameplay, and other players who have been trying to get one for years were frustrated.
  • Many long-time players still don’t have a shundo, as even though boosted shiny rates during events help, the chances of catching one are still slim.

A Pokemon GO player has made many in the community quite jealous after catching an extremely rare shundo in their first few days in the game. The fact that many Pokemon GO fans highlighted that they have been playing the game for years but still couldn’t get one speaks volumes about the importance of the feat.

Just like the other Pokemon games, catching a shiny is by far one of the most sought aspects of Pokemon GO. While Niantic organizes some special events from time to time to give players a chance to add a shiny Pokemon to their collection, on a regular day, it is extremely hard to find one. The best odds are by far for Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO, which can have a shiny rate of 1 in 20. However, even that isn’t that straightforward, as the rates don’t stack up, which means the odds reset every time players have an encounter. Despite these barriers, it seems like a new Pokemon GO player has hit the jackpot without having to go through the shiny hunting grind.


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In a new post on the Pokemon GO subreddit, user _yes_no_maybe showcases their rare catch in Pokemon GO. The player posted a picture of their shiny Bagon in Pokemon GO which they had caught recently. What makes the encounter even more impressive is the fact that it is not just a regular shiny Pokemon, but instead, a shundo.

Pokemon GO Fans Aren’t Able To Digest That A New Player Caught A Shundo Bagon

Shundo is a popular term used in the Pokemon community for a Pokemon that is both shiny and hundo. The latter refers to Pokemon which have 100% IV. So basically, a Shundo is the best Pokemon of any species a player can find in Pokemon GO. Considering how slim the odds of catching a hundo are, the fact that it is shiny as well makes it one of the rarest aspects of Pokemon GO.

While the player likely caught this during the recent Bagon Community Day, which has boosted shiny rates, several players struggled to get one with even half-decent stats. In fact, many fans highlighted that they have been playing the game for several years now, but have never come across a shundo. Some really mind-boggling stats include a player who has caught 81,000 Pokemon, while another has been playing the game for eight years, but neither of them has a shundo. While many congratulated the player for achieving this rare feat, some were also quick to share their jealousy over the entire incident.

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Pokémon GO

After a test run via an April Fools’ joke on Google Maps, Pokemon GO was released to the public in the summer of 2016. The AR mobile app saw unparalleled success and continues to be one of the largest mobile games in the world, pulling in billions for developer Niantic.


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