Strands is back with another challenging puzzle, and you might be on the lookout for some hints for this game by the New York Times.

Strands has a whole new shuffled-letter puzzle to find words inside of. If you are looking to win today’s puzzle, you will need to know the rules of how to play Strands, you’ll need to know something about the category, and you will also need a little luck. If you are looking for help that doesn’t involve using the in-game hint system, you can find all sorts of hints in this article below, including generic hints to the whole puzzle, some spoilers, or even the whole answer.

The NYT Games Strands Puzzle #33 for April 5, 2024


The clue for today’s Strands is Am I Blushing? There are six things to find: one Spangram and five themed words.


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New York Times Games Strands Clues

If you are just looking for a little help with this challenging puzzle game, you can check out the three expandable sections below. Each one has a different clue for the puzzle inside.

General Hint 1

General Hint 2

General Hint 3

Spoilers for Two of the Words in Today’s Strands

The answer to this browser-based game can be difficult to figure out. If you want to see the location of two of the words in the puzzle, you can find two spoilers below.

Spoiler 1

Spoiler 2

The Answer to Today’s New York Times Games Strands

If you want to see the full spoiler for the minimalist puzzle game, you can find them below. The expandable section has the Spangram and all the themed words and their positions in the puzzle.

Today’s Strands Explained

If you are looking to see an explanation of how everything works together, check out the section below. Inside, you can find how the clue, the Spangram, and the themed words all mesh.

Want to play? Check out the New York Times Games Strands website available on almost any device with a browser.

new your times strands

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March 4, 2024

The New York Times Company

The New York Times Company



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