• Nintendo Switch 2 could reportedly launch as early as the second half of 2024.
  • That time frame is based on some newly emerged details about the console’s parts production schedule.
  • Multiple sources recently claimed that the Switch 2 is targeting a March 2025 release, which still seems like its likeliest launch window.

The Nintendo Switch 2 could still hit the market in 2024, according to a newly emerged report. The notion of this possibility even existing appears to run contrary to a number of recent reports on the next-generation Nintendo console.

The upcoming device has long been expected to launch in 2024. But the industry consensus on its release window changed back in February, when multiple outlets reported that Nintendo delayed the Switch 2 to 2025. Subsequent insider reports suggested that the gaming giant’s revised plan is to debut the console circa March 2025, around the time of the Switch’s eighth anniversary.


Rumor: Nintendo Switch 2 Could Have Magnetic Joy-Cons

A rumor claims that the next Nintendo console could have magnetic Joy-Cons, replacing the rail system used by the current Switch Joy-Cons.

Switch 2 Parts Production Schedule Would Reportedly Allow 2024 Launch

In yet another twist, Business Korea is now reporting that the Switch 2 could still launch “as early as the second half of this year,” citing industry sources. This claim appears to originate from Nintendo’s supply chain, with the report stating that the company has already finalized “a considerable degree” of its initial parts production agreements. While the very suggestion that the Switch 2 could hit the market in 2024 goes against recent reporting on the matter, BK’s sources didn’t claim the console is guaranteed to reach consumers before 2025. The wording of the report merely suggests that its parts production schedule would allow for a 2024 launch.

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Samsung Allegedly Supplying Multiple Key Components for Switch 2

Samsung Electronics is understood to be supplying a number of key components for the Switch 2, as per the same source. The South Korean tech giant supposedly won supply contracts for the console’s V-NAND internal memory and cartridge storage, as well as its display panel. Samsung has been supplying Nintendo with OLED panels since 2021, when the two partnered on the Switch OLED model. Their collaboration was leaked months ahead of the console’s official announcement. However, the Switch 2 may not use an OLED display, with multiple recent reports indicating that Nintendo opted for an LCD panel to keep costs down.

Samsung’s foundry business is also expected to handle the production of the Nvidia system-on-chip rumored to be powering the Switch 2. According to previous reports, the SoC in question is the Tegra T239, which combines an octa-core ARM A78C CPU cluster with a graphics chip based on the Ampere architecture, which Nvidia used for its RTX 30-series GPUs. The silicon is said to be manufactured using Samsung’s 7LPH lithography process. While that designation may indicate otherwise, the technology is based on the company’s 8nm process node.

Though Nintendo may be able to release the Switch 2 as early as this year, there have been no indications that the group actually plans to do so since the news of the console’s internal delay broke out. On the contrary, some Japanese sources claim the Switch 2 could even be pushed back beyond March 2025 if Nintendo isn’t happy with its production capabilities come next spring; avoiding shortages that hampered the release of its 2017 console is understood to be the company’s top launch priority this time around.

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Nintendo Switch OLED

Nintendo’s newest system features a vibrant 7-inch OLED screen, a wide adjustable stand, a dock with a wired LAN port, 64 GB of internal storage, and enhanced audio. Improvements to visuals, audio, and connectivity make a strong impact on highly detailed gameplay and setup is extremely easy.

2.9 x 6.5 x 7.9 in

1 lb




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