• The latest April Fools’ event in Overwatch 2 featured fun game changes and cosmetics, but went underappreciated given how much work went into it.
  • However, unlockables for future April Fools’ events in Overwatch 2 could boost player interest and enjoyment.
  • Specifically, players could get permanent googly eyes and April Fools’ voice lines for their favorite heroes that can be used year-round, just like the Christmas and Halloween-themed items.

April Fools’ has come and gone again, and Overwatch 2 got in on the fun this year with a new April Fools’ game mode as well as some limited time cosmetic changes. Unfortunately, the lackluster release of the game is still taking its toll, as the joke didn’t get as much attention as other goings-on this year. However, unlockables would go a long way toward making future April Fools’ events something that cannot be ignored.

Blizzard’s Overwatch 2 has had some turbulent history, but one high note of the game was this year’s April Fools’ event. The largest component of the event is a limited-time game mode that saw interesting changes to the game’s entire roster. Some heroes spawn in much larger or smaller sizes than usual, while others have been given special abilities that they normally don’t have. The icing on the cake, though, was the cosmetic changes and voice lines that appeared in every game mode, not just LTM. This should be one of gaming’s standout jokes of the holiday, yet many have completely missed out on it – though that might change were Blizzard to add unlockables to the next version.


Overwatch 2 Season 10 Stakes Are Higher Than Ever

With new competition emerging for Blizzard’s famous hero-shooter Overwatch 2, the tenth season of the game has a lot riding on its shoulders.

While the special abilities and game-changing skills obviously have to leave the game eventually, some parts of the yearly prank should be able to live on. Overwatch 2 and its predecessor have become known for their plethora of different cosmetic options for heroes, including distinct skins and voice lines. Perhaps the funniest part of the event is that every character had googly eyes pasted over their normal ones; players have even noticed the googly eyes in Overwatch 2‘s PvE mode. It’s a change that doesn’t alter gameplay in the slightest, and only serves to give players a good laugh, so there really isn’t any reason they have to be removed after the event is over.

Overwatch 2’s Cosmetics Are an Important Part of the Game

In a series that players have come to recognize for the freedom they have to express themselves via alterations to their favorite heroes, Overwatch 2 has been missing a massive opportunity by not allowing players to hold on to some of the April Fools’ recent additions. While they are always removed alongside the limited-time event’s end date, if Blizzard changes its mind next year, players would surely be delighted to unlock the special skins and voice lines for their heroes permanently. The game has no shortage of Halloween and Christmas cosmetics, so there is precedent set for holidays to come with permanent optional cosmetics. With Overwatch 2‘s customizable mythic skins, there is also evidence that the developers value player customization.

What’s more, if players had to unlock the skins through missions and playtime requirements, Overwatch 2 might just see a boom in popularity during the April Fools’ period. Players who are particularly fond of the googly-eyed heroes or love their favorite character’s alternate lines would have to earn the opportunity to keep them. Allowing players to permanently unlock special Overwatch 2 voice lines and cosmetics might even lead to a surge in returning players that the game lost during its transition to a free-to-play format, which would certainly be beneficial.

The Legacy of Holidays Past in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 Competitive Play

The developers at Blizzard and the voice actors put so much work into the events that it’s a shame they only stick around for such a short time – especiall when April Fools’ day has a history though of increasing popularity in games. Pokemon GO started life as one of Google’s April Fools’ jokes in 2014, leading to the massively popular surge of the Pokemon franchise. This April Fools’ Day also saw Disney’s Dreamlight Valley tease upcoming additions by revealing them alongside that year’s joke, letting players guess as to what might be true. If Overwatch 2 keeps this trend in mind, it would be the most recent in a long line of games that have gained popularity and praise due to making something that was intended to only last a while permanent.

This trend is especially applicable to Overwatch 2 based on the game’s frequent holiday events. Beginning in the original Overwatch, each major holiday brought with it limited time game modes and cosmetics that have returned year after year. Christmas and Halloween are possibly the largest holidays included, but each year Overwatch 2 also celebrates summer with an Olympics-themed event as well as the Chinese Lunar New Year. With all of these celebrations, it’s almost strange that April Fools’ Day hasn’t been given the same treatment yet, and this isn’t the first time Overwath 2 missed an obvious opportunity. After all, when players can be found dressed as zombies or Santa at any time of year, it would hardly be out of place to see a few googly-eyed heroes in the mix as well.

Recurring seasonal events include:

  • Summer Games
  • Halloween Terror
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Lunar New Year

As strange as it may seem given the success of the original Overwatch, and the few changes to the sequel, Overwatch 2 is still in its infancy. That means there is still plenty of time for new changes to come to the game. The franchise has been hit hard by a loss of interest from players who felt betrayed by the decision to move the game to a free-to-play format. Some fans even called for a boycott based on the canceled PvE mode, but it may not be too late to earn them back. If Overwatch 2 adds more player-requested content and adds depth to seasonal events, Blizzard might begin to see players return as the events are discussed online. After all, there’s no better way to keep a game relevant than to continue adding experiences that players can enjoy at any time of year.

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Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 is Blizzard’s free-to-play team-based first-person shooter. The title features some new heroes like Junker Queen and Sojourn, as well as returning favorites.


October 4, 2022


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