It’s been a while since Genshin Impact has collaborated with another game, with the last time being Horizon‘s Aloy back in September 2021. While that collaboration could have been received better, it’s proof that Genshin Impact has a lot of potential for crossovers, and the upcoming PS5 exclusive Stellar Blade has the perfect protagonist for round two: Eve.

At first glance, it’s clear how the general gameplay and aesthetic of Stellar Blade could line up with Genshin Impact, making Eve an ideal unit. Eve could be made into a five-star Electro sword unit, with her kit designed around Stellar Blade‘s gameplay. Since there are already some characters in the game who can swap between weapon types, such as Genshin Impact‘s Navia swapping between a claymore/ax and a gun, her kit could also allow her to swap between some of the other weapons she’s seen wielding in-game.


Stellar Blade’s Eve Walks the Same Road as Horizon’s Aloy

Upcoming action-adventure RPG title Stellar Blade’s protagonist, Eve, seems to have a lot in common with the Horizon series’ Aloy.

Genshin Impact Should Collaborate with Stellar Blade

Eve in Genshin Impact

With how the meta in Genshin Impact is always changing, it’d be hard to make a collaborative character who won’t become dated or be instantly unusable. If she came in as an Electro unit, she’d be able to be a flexible unit just based on that. She could be able to slot into Dendro teams, Overload teams since those are popping up, or even a flexible unit that can slot into multiple team comps similar to Genshin Impact‘s Fischl.

stellar blade eve crouching combat stance

Being a sword user would also keep her viable in the meta, since there are so many weapon options for sword wielders. Staples like Mistsplitter Reforged, Haran Geppaku Futsu, and the free-to-play friendly Favonius Sword would likely be great options for her hypothetical kit. There are also plenty of potential artifact sets she could use depending on her kit, such as Emblem of Severed Fate or Thundering Fury. She’d likely be a DPS and there are plenty of teams available for her even if she ended up having a niche kit like other units.

  • Nilou (requires Dendro and Hydro teammates only)
  • Chevreuse (requires Pyro and Electro teammates only)
  • Gorou (only good in a Mono-Geo team comp)

Niche kits tend to excite Genshin Impact players since that allows them to try teams they never would have thought of before, since there was no unit calling for it. A unit that can change the game to its benefit is highly valuable since it switches up the playstyle and can give players a fresh look at combat. It would also be exciting to see players use her in the Spiral Abyss against powerful enemies to try and overcome those obstacles.

Previous Collaboration and Lessons to Be Learned For Genshin Impact

Of course, if Genshin Impact were to collaborate with Stellar Blade, there would be many lessons it could take from its last collaboration. Genshin Impact‘s collaboration character Aloy was exciting on the surface, but her kit had a lot of problems. She played a lot like Pyro catalyst user Klee, but Klee is considered to be a clunky unit and not worth playing in present-day Genshin Impact. Like Klee, Aloy required a lot of investment to be a good unit, more than what a lot of people wanted to invest. Ultimately, she became a character that could flex in the right circumstances, but little more than that.

If or when a collaboration with Stellar Blade were to come to Genshin Impact, the developer needs to be mindful of how it implements Eve.

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Genshin Impact
September 28, 2020

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T for Teen – Fantasy Violence, Alcohol Reference


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