• The PlayStation Portal’s version 2.0.6 update seems to have improved video quality for Remote Play on the handheld device.
  • Despite some micro stutters, users are reporting enhanced stability and performance after the update, reducing pixelation for demanding titles like Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.
  • Sony’s continuous updates show commitment to improving the user experience, sparking interest in PlayStation Portal among gamers online.

The newest PlayStation Portal update appears to have improved the device’s overall video quality while remotely playing PlayStation 5 titles. Many PlayStation fans are excited and reporting their observations, since Remote Play on PlayStation Portal may become even more optimized in the future.

Although the PlayStation Portal is not a dedicated portable console like many hoped, the device still allows players to enjoy their PS5 games remotely. Sony initially struggled to restock PlayStation Portal units after its successful launch, but users should have no issues finding one at major retailers. More excitement for the Remote Play device was driven by a recent hack that allowed players to emulate and run PlayStation Portable games natively without the use of an internet connection.


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PlayStation Portal version 2.0.6 quietly rolled out this week and “improved system software performance and stability” according to the update’s official patch notes. However, the new PlayStation Portal update also targeted the PSP hacking exploit and seemingly improved the device’s video quality for general gameplay. Fans in the PlayStation Portal Reddit community report an improved bitrate for Remote Play on the device, resulting in better image quality and responsiveness. The higher bitrate also means that demanding titles like Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will present a clearer image on PlayStation Portal, due to a reduction in pixelation.

PlayStation Portal Users Notice Better Video Quality After Release of Version 2.0.6 Update

Micro stutters on the PlayStation Portal may still happen while playing games, as noted by other users who recently installed the version 2.0.6 update. Fortunately, user reports suggest that the performance and stability improvements have reduced micro stutters to a degree. Future updates may continue to optimize the PlayStation Portal’s Wi-Fi connectivity and Remote Play performance over time, so the possibility for more quality-of-life improvements is on the mind of many users.

The PlayStation Portal update is another welcomed sign that Sony is working to improve the user experience over time. Word of mouth can be a major factor in driving sales, and version 2.0.6’s launch appears to be encouraging more interest in PlayStation Portal among gamers online.

PlayStation Portal may one day face some competition from its own maker, since Sony’s newly patented handheld suggests a device that plays native games and uses cloud streaming is coming in the future. Rumors suggest the new handheld is in the very early stages of development, so there’s still a chance that it may never be released. At the very least, Sony’s continued interest in portable gaming is made clear through the PlayStation Portal update and the latest patent.


PlayStation Portal

While not exactly a PSP successor, the PlayStation Portal solves an age-old issue of having to share one TV in a household. This remote play device allows users to stream whatever is happening on their PlayStation 5’s directly to the large 8-inch 1080p LCD screen. What makes the PlayStation Portal unique is that it comes packed with all the advanced technology of the DualSense wireless controller such as adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. One downside is that it doesn’t feature bluetooth support for wireless audio, however does work with the PlayStation Pulse earbuds and headset, while also sporting a 3.5mm audio jack for wired audio. 

Playing Time
6-8 hours



Headset Compatibility
3.5mm, PlayStation Link

8-inch LCD

Output resolution

Release Date
November 15, 2023


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