• Overwatch 2 will see changes to Colosseo in Season 11, with adjustments to the map’s middle sections and bridge areas.
  • Colosseo’s glass walls in the middle section will be removed, and more buffer zones will be added to the bridge sections.
  • Numbani may see a change to the attacker spawn room later on due to the long distance from the spawn room to the first Control point.

Overwatch 2 director Aaron Keller revealed some of the changes coming to Colosseo in Season 11 later this year, which focus on the map’s middle section and bridge sections. Keller also described some of the adjustments coming to Overwatch 2‘s Numbani sometime after Season 11.

The map changes were first confirmed in a recent Overwatch 2 developer update in which Blizzard stated that Colosseo, Numbani, Dorado, Circuit Royale, and Havana would all receive reworks in the future. The only rework with an established release window is Colosseo, so players might have to wait a while until they see the other redesigned maps added to Overwatch 2. In the same post, Blizzard also confirmed that Season 11 will introduce Runasapi, a new Push map, and Season 10 will add the new Clash mode alongside the Hanaoka Clash map.


Overwatch 2 Update Walks Back Buffs to Mauga, Sombra, and Symmetra

Overwatch 2 introduces a hotfix that walks back some of the buffs given to Mauga, Sombra, and Symmetra in the recent mid-Season 9 patch.

In an interview with Dexerto, Keller explained that the glass walls seen in Colosseo’s long, middle section will be removed, giving users more freedom of movement in team fights. This change is apparently having a significant positive effect in playtesting. The other Colosseo change that Keller revealed pertains to its bridge sections, which Blizzard calls “the loop-de-loop.” The updated version of the map will add more buffer zones to this crowded area, creating more space for defenders and attackers as they battle along the tightly winding road. Blizzard will also add another mega health pack to this section. Keller didn’t get much more specific than that regarding Colosseo’s changes, but did share some details of Numbani’s rework as well.

Overwatch 2‘s Numbani map seems to be receiving a change to its attacker spawn room. Keller didn’t outright confirm this but explained that the distance from the spawn room to Numbani’s first Control point is abnormally long, sometimes causing frustration among attackers. He further detailed that a shortening of this distance would result in significant changes to the map due to huge pieces of geometry being moved around. A release window for a reworked Numbani has not been confirmed but would presumably come sometime after Season 11 and its Colosseo redesign.

New Features Coming in Overwatch 2 Season 10

Blizzard has announced other promising news recently, like how Overwatch 2 will no longer lock new heroes behind Battle Passes beginning with Season 10. The major update launches on April 16 and introduces the new hero Venture.

Beginning with the new season, players can also unlock Mythic tier skins through Overwatch 2‘s new Mythic Shop. The new shop will allow users to earn past and current seasonal Mythic skins by progressing their Premium Battle Pass.

overwatch 2 poster

Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 is Blizzard’s free-to-play team-based first-person shooter. The title features some new heroes like Junker Queen and Sojourn, as well as returning favorites.


October 4, 2022



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