Threads is rolling out a beta of its fediverse integration in the US, Canada, and Japan. In a post on Thursday, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that toggling on the feature will let you cross-post and view likes from other federated platforms, like Mastodon.

Threads previewed its fediverse integration earlier this week during the FediForum. As outlined on its support page, Meta says that you must have a public account to turn on fediverse sharing, which will allow users on other servers to “search for and follow your profile, view your posts, interact with your content, and share your content to anyone on or off their server.”

There are still a few limitations, though. The beta currently doesn’t let users view replies and follows from the fediverse, for example. Meta also can’t promise that when you delete a federated post on Threads, it will also get deleted on the other platforms it was shared on.


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