While exploring the colorful and dangerous regions of Palworld, players will find many valuable materials. Gumoss Leaf is one of them. Of course, this material is far from the most useful in the game, since it is not used in routine activities. However, you may find it useful if you want to create all kinds of unique clothing.

Fortunately for beginners, the search for the Gumoss Leaf does not involve a lot of travel. You only need to walk near the starting location, and you will quickly accumulate some of this material. However, you will have to find a merchant to use this resource.


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Where To Find Gumoss Leaf in Palworld

Gumoss Leaf in Palworld (its spawn location)

The only way to get Gumoss Leaf in Palworld is to kill or catch Gumoss, a small Grass-type Pal. Fortunately for beginners, this cute creature with a funny hat lives in many locations of the Forest Biome. You can find plenty of these Pals along the southern coast of the Palpagos Islands, so a walk from west to east between fast travel points like Small Cove and Natural Bridge can be profitable. You can also explore the forest areas on Forgotten Island and south of Cove Mineshaft.

Gumoss is a weak enemy, so you can defeat it using the simplest weapons or even your fists. However, using fire Pals like Foxparks can speed up the process of farming Gumoss Leaf. As stated earlier, you can get material for both capturing and killing this creature. And since these creatures often roam in groups or pairs, both options are equally profitable.


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How To Use Gumoss Leaf in Palworld

Gumoss Leaf in Palworld

Once you have accumulated some Gumoss Leaf, you can use them to craft the Gumoss Cap. This headpiece won’t offer players much protection, but it’s cute enough to add to your collection. However, it is not enough to collect a few leaves in order to create it. Players will also need to get the Gumoss Cap Schematic. You can find this schematic among the goods of various traveling merchants for 500 Gold. The merchant in Small Settlement is a great place to check first.

Once you have everything you need, place Schematic in your inventory and interact with Primitive Workbench. Finally, choose the Gumoss Cap recipe and create a brand-new headdress. You only need 5 Gumoss Leaf for the recipe, so you won’t have to farm for a long time.


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