Players must seek to farm several resources to help survive on Palpagos Island as they progress through their Palworld adventure. While some resources in the early game can be very easy to find, some can be tough to come by.

One such resource that must be gathered through an extended process is Ingots. After you’ve advanced through a few stages, they become quite significant and will likely be among the most used items in the game. Here’s how to get them.


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How to Get Ore

mining ore palworld

Ores are the main resource needed to make Ingots. Luckily, there are lots of ores in the vicinity of your base. They resemble copper, and have a darker appearance than the stones. In Palworld, you will need to make a Pickaxe to mine ore. The stone pickaxe is unlocked early in the game and requires 5 Wood and 5 Stone to be crafted.

After reaching Technology Level 11, you will unlock the Metal Pickaxe, which does a much better job of mining Ores faster. However, the Metal Pickaxe also requires Ingots to craft. Thus, you will have to work with the Stone Pickaxe in order to get the necessary resources to craft a Metal Pickaxe. You will need 15 stones, 20 wood, 5 ingots, and a high-quality work bench to craft the metal pickaxe.

Once you have the items, look around the biome to search for Ores and mine them. If your Pickaxes get broken, make sure to repair them from the Repair Bench to save some valuable items and time.

How to Get Ingots

In addition to Ores, you will also need the Primitive Furnace to craft Ingots. The Primitive Furnace unlocks at Technology Level 10 and requires 20 Wood, 50 Stone, and 3 Flame Organs to craft. You can collect the wood and stones from the trees and stones around your base. Flame Organs can be obtained from Fire-type pals like the Foxparks.

The easiest way to get the Foxparks is to look around the Grassy Behemoth Hills area; you will find plenty of them there. The area also has a fast-travel point, so unlock it to make your travel and Flame Organ farming easier.

After you have crafted the Primitive Furnace, put the Ores in the furnace, and then assign a Pal with the Kindling work ability to craft Ingots for you. One Ingot requires 2 Ore; thus, you must mine plenty of Ore to get sufficient Ingots.

You cannot craft Ingots by yourself, since the process requires refining through fire.

Most Fire-type pals have the kindling ability. If you are still in the early part of the game, you can use the Foxparks or catch a Rooby, as it does a better job of refining the ore to make Ingots.

Ingots eventually become a necessary resource to advance, especially after reaching Technology Level 10. From that point onward, many important items like nails, metal pickaxes, high-quality workbenches, meat cleavers, crossbows, and many more will require ingots. Thus, moving your base near an area with plenty of Ore is wise.


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