• Clever use of campfires helped a Palworld player capture the Ice Pal, Frostallion, with a unique strategy shared on social media.
  • Frostallion, a Legendary Pal, can be trapped using fire attacks due to its weakness, allowing players to easily capture it with the right tactics.
  • The player strategically used campfires to deal damage to Frostallion while capturing it, showcasing a creative approach to defeating Boss Pals.

A Palworld player used some clever placement of campfires and succeeded in capturing the Legendary Ice Pal called Frostallion. The Palworld player shared their strategy for taking down Frostallion on social media and made a short video of their encounter with the frosty Pal as proof of their efforts.

Dubbed the Legendary Steed of Ice, Frostallion is one of the Legendary Pals scattered throughout Palworld. Frostallion comes with the Legend passive skill and has level 4 Cooling as a working trait. Frostallion’s signature skill, Crystal Wing, allows it to dash around the battlefield quickly and trap its enemies in ice. Though it holds an advantage over Dragon-type Pals, like other Ice-type Pals, Frostallion is weak to Fire-type attacks from strong Pals such as Blazamut and Incineram. Frostallion is located in the cold northern region of Palworld, so players looking to take it on will need to wear frost-resistant armor and bring plenty of firepower to weather Frostallion’s attacks.


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Knowing what Frostallion’s burning weakness is, one Palworld player took it upon themselves to exploit it in an unorthodox way. On Reddit, a user named naamtosunahoga posted a video and a screenshot of the base they created near Frostallion’s lair on the r/Palworld subreddit. After making the trek to the north side of the map, the OP made a base that was covered in several campfires. The campfires were subsequently lit and covered over half of the OP’s base. After putting the worker Pals out of harm’s way, the OP took flight on another Legendary Pal called Shadowbeak and engaged Frostallion. While Frostallion was tough to coax away from its spot, the OP used Shadowbeak to fly in close and deal damage with Fire Arrows.

Palworld Player Uses a Base of Campfires to Easily Capture Frostallion

With Frostallion’s attention fixed on Shadowbeak, the OP was able to spring their trap on the Legendary Steed of Ice. As Frostallion galloped along the OP’s base, the campfires dealt around 73 HP of damage per second, which passively whittled away at Frostallion’s HP. After several minutes, Frostallion’s HP was low enough for the OP to throw some Legendary Pal Spheres at it. After two unsuccessful throws, the third Legendary Pal Sphere was the charm and the OP caught Frostallion to end the fight. In the comments, other Palworld players complimented the OP for their strategy, and some decided to try it out for themselves.

As one of the best Ice-type Pals in Palworld, Frostallion is just one of a growing number of Boss Pals in the game. Only time will tell if Pocketpair will leave this method of catching Frostallion alone or not.



Pocket Pair’s Palworld is a creature-collection game set in an open-world. Entering early access on January 19, 2024, the project blends survival, building, farming, monster breeding, and shooter elements.

January 19, 2024

Pocket Pair, Inc.

Pocket Pair, Inc.


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