• Warsect, a Pal in Palworld, is particularly useful against the Jormuntide due to its advantage as a Grass and Ground type against the Water and Dragon combination of the Jormuntide.
  • The player in the video used a musket, a ranged weapon, to hit multiple attacks on the Jormuntide, making it easier for Warsect to attack.
  • The video took a hilarious turn when the player’s Warsect hit the Jormuntide, sending it flying into the clouds.

A Palworld player has sent Jormuntide flying through the air using their Warsect Pal. There are many Pals to collect in Palworld, but Warsect may be among the most powerful based on this incredibly wild clip.

Since it was released, Palworld has soared past 19 million players, with over 12 million on Steam alone. With so many players exploring its open world, countless discoveries and unique creations have been made. Among the Palworld discoveries that players have made is that Pals may mimic gamers’ movements when playing. Players have also made impressive cities, unraidable bases, pirate ships, and more. While battling a Jormuntide, one gamer used their Warsect Pal to help dish out damage, but it goes a bit further than that.


Palworld Player Builds ‘Unraidable’ Base

A skilled Palworld player builds their incredible base in a stunning remote location that is inaccessible to enemies on raids.

Reddit user Radimov_GTO recently shared a clip of a battle that pitted a Jormuntide against their custom Palworld hero and a Warsect. The video begins with a level 45 Jormuntide at two-thirds health, and the player taking a shot at it with their musket. While the musket shot does about 38 damage, the level 37 Warsect hits many times in a row, quickly stacking damage from 24 to 27. The Jormuntide then targets the player who takes one final musket shot at the sea creature before their Warsect hits it for one tick of damage. Despite the low damage from Warsect’s hit, Jormuntide is sent flying into the sky, eventually disappearing into a cloud.

What Makes Warsect Useful Against Jormuntide?

While Radimov_GTO’s battle never finishes due to a glitch, Warsect is helpful for lowering Jormuntide’s health. Because Palworld‘s Jormuntide is a combination of the Water and Dragon elements, and Warsect is Grass and Ground, Warsect has an advantage against the sea creature. The player is also shown using a musket to hit multiple ranged attacks, a particularly useful weapon for battles against Pals in the water. While Jormuntide is often further out to sea, this gamer has seemingly kited it to the shoreline to make it easier for Warsect to attack it. Players will usually see this Jormuntide swimming on the surface of the water in the early hours of the game but aren’t able to successfully battle it until grinding out many levels.

Jormuntide from Palworld

Because the Jormuntide was targeting the player as the Warsect sent it flying, it may have confused the programming behind it. Both Warsect and the player were on land for the fight which may have played a role in Jormuntide bugging out. As Pocket Pair has expressed that some Palworld glitches still need to be addressed, a future patch may fix the issue that this gamer ran into.



Pocket Pair’s Palworld is a creature-collection game set in an open-world. Entering early access on January 19, 2024, the project blends survival, building, farming, monster breeding, and shooter elements.

Pocket Pair, Inc.

Pocket Pair, Inc.


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