• Xbox Game Pass continues to evolve with a focus on day-one releases, offering unprecedented value for subscribers.
  • Recent lineup additions showcase a mix of indie and AAA titles, reinforcing Xbox Game Pass as the best deal in gaming.
  • With a growing subscriber base and a promising 2024 lineup, Xbox Game Pass remains a top choice for gamers seeking quality content.

It’s been almost seven years since Xbox Game Pass first launched, and it’s seen plenty of change and evolution in that time. From doubling down on Xbox’s backwards compatibility support to offering a new spotlight for Indie developers, Xbox Game Pass has built itself around a number of different strategies over the years, eventually culminating in the service many now refer to as the best deal in gaming, and it still feels like it’s just getting started.

With the recent news that Xbox Game Pass now has around 34 million subscribers, it doesn’t seem likely that the service is going to slow down anytime soon, and that’s pretty evident when looking at the last few months’ line-ups. From Indie games to AAA third-party titles, Xbox Game Pass has offered a slew of experiences already this year, and it’s continued to keep one important Game Pass pattern alive the whole time.


April 16 Should Be a Big Day for Xbox Game Pass and PS Plus Premium Subscribers

Tuesday, April 16 is shaping up to be a particularly big day for those subscribed to Xbox Game Pass and PS Plus Premium.

Xbox Game Pass Keeps Delivering Day-One Releases

Day-One Releases Have Always Been Xbox Game Pass’ Biggest Selling Point

With the fast rise of streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, it seemed like it would only be a matter of time before the video game industry joined in, but even then, many fans were skeptical of Xbox Game Pass upon its first announcement. While the idea of an ever-growing library of video games for just one monthly price sounded enticing, Game Pass’ initial line-up didn’t do much to impress long-time Xbox players, many of whom had already been playing those games for years at that point. But that soon changed with the introduction of Xbox Game Pass’ first day-one, first-party release.

In September 2019, Xbox Game Pass received Gears 5 on the same day it launched. For just $10 at the time, fans could get their hands on a copy of Gears 5 on launch day, delivered digitally straight to their Xbox. This level of value was unprecedented at the time, and the more day-one releases hit Xbox Game Pass, the higher the service’s value got.

Xbox Game Pass’ 2024 Line-Up Has Doubled Down On Day-One Launches

For years now, Xbox Game Pass’ day-one releases have been the service’s greatest selling-point. Though getting an instant library of well over 100 games is still enticing, nothing beats the feeling of playing a brand-new release on launch day for no extra cost, and thankfully, it’s a pattern that Xbox Game Pass has kept up. So far in 2024, every month has brought with it at least two day-one Xbox Game Pass releases, ranging from smaller launches like Turnip Boy Robs a Bank and Open Roads, to more high-profile launches like Palworld and Persona 3 Reload.

April is set to continue this long-running trend for Xbox Game Pass, offering a total of three day-one launches with Harold Halibut, Another Crab’s Treasure, and Manor Lords. While these may not be the most anticipated releases, their day-one launch on Xbox Game Pass is a win-win for all parties, with fans being able to try these games for no extra cost, and developers being able to reach a much wider audience right off the bat. And this pattern might be around for a while yet.

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 is set to hit Xbox Game Pass in just a few weeks, quickly followed by Still Wakes the Deep, Frostpunk 2, and Stalker 2. Then there’s Avowed and Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, two games slated for a day-one Game Pass launch later in the year. Currently, 2024 is on track to be one of the best years ever for day-one Xbox Game Pass releases.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the highest tier of Microsoft’s flagship game subscription service that offers over 100 game titles that you can play with a single purchase, making it one of the most outstanding value propositions of the Xbox ecosystem to date.


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