Unlike Monad Doors, Monad Passages in Persona 3 Reload feature a series of bosses that you’ll need to defeat to reap the rewards. They’re much tougher than their Monad Door counterparts, but unlike Monad Doors, Monad Passages won’t disappear if you leave the floor. They’re also set a floor below the Border Floor.

You must defeat a Shadow called the Amorous Snake in one of Persona 3 Reload‘s Monad Passages. Fortunately, the Amorous Snake has an Affinity weakness, but if you try to battle it unprepared, you’ll be in for a difficult fight. It’s recommended to bring teammates who can target its Affinity Weakness, heal/cure, and buff/debuff.


Persona 3 Reload: Venomous Magus Weakness

The Venomous Magus is the gatekeeper boss on one of the floors in Tartarus’ Yabbashah Block in Persona 3 Reload, so here’s how to beat it.

Where to Find Amorous Snake in Persona 3 Reload

Harabah Block: Monad Passage

persona 3 reload monad passage floor 199

The Amorous Snake is the first boss in the Monad Passage on the Harabah Block (floor 197). If you don’t have the Star Tarot Card from the Monad Passage on the second half of the Tziah Block (145 – 172), then you won’t be able to enter Harabah Block’s Monad Passage. Thus, you’ll want to reach the end of the Monad Passage on Floor 171 and get the Star Tarot Card from the chest.

Best Team for Amorous Snake Boss Battle

Which Party Members and Personas Should You Bring?

persona 3 reload mitsuru diamond dust

Before diving into Floor 197’s Monad Passage, there are some things you’ll need to know:

  • The Amorous Snake can Poison or Charm your team. Therefore, you’ll want to bring a Persona or a teammate who specializes in healing/curing.
  • Four Devious Mayas accompany the Amorous Snake, and they’ll focus on reflecting your attacks back at you.
  • A recommended team for this fight is:
  • Yukari: For healing.
  • Mitsuru: For Bufu Skills.
  • Aigis or Akihiko: For Physical Skills and buffing.


Persona 3 Reload: How to Fuse Matador

Matador is a Persona of the Strength Arcana, and you’re going to need to fuse him if you want to complete the compendium in Persona 3 Reload.

How to Beat Amorous Snake & Devious Maya

Amorous Snake Weakness

persona 3 reload devious maya amorous snake weakness

The Amorous Snake will use its turn to Charm or Poison. You can cure Poison for all allies with the Mabaisudi Skill; Charm can be cured for all allies with Me Patra. If you don’t have Personas or a teammate with these Skills, you can instead use Dis-Poison and Dis-Charm items, which can be bought from the Aohige Pharmacy at Paulownia Mall.

If you bring Yukari to the fight, she can cure Poison with
Me Patra
, which she learns
at level 33
. If you’ve Fused the Personas Sarasvati or Pavarti, they will both have Mabaisudi in their initial Skill Set.

The Amorous Snake is weak to Ice and absorbs Fire and Light. This means you can use Mitsuru’s Bufu Skills to Down it. If you’re trying to complete the Harabah Block as soon as it unlocks, Mitsuru won’t be available. If this happens, you’ll want to bring a Persona that can use Bufula or Bufudyne.

The Devious Mayas will cast Tetrakarn and Makarakarn to reflect incoming Physical and Magical Skills (excluding Almighty) respectively. The only way to rid Tetrakarn/Makarakarn of an enemy is to attack it with physical or magic skills. Unfortunately, this will cause the attack to reflect right back at you, so if you plan on attacking a Makarakarn-guarded enemy, make sure to use an element that you will resist, null, drain, etc.

  • For example: Akihiko will null Electric Skills after he awakens to Caesar, who you should have at this point. Have him use Zio Skills on a Devious Maya with Makarakarn, and when the Zio Skill bounces back, he won’t take damage.
  • Likewise, if you’re trying to clear the opponent’s Tetrakarn, you’ll want to hit it with a Physical Skill with a Persona that can resist/null Physical Skills.

The best way to take out the Devious Mayas is with Physical Skills that can hitall foes. This is generally why Aigis is preferred over Akihiko for this battle, as she has Skills such as Heat Wave and Myriad Arrows. Another alternative to defeating the Devious Mayas is to use Almighty Skills, such as Megidola or Megidolaon. Even Koromaru’s Virus Breath Skill can come in handy for this battle.

For buffing: Use Matarukaja (to raise Attack), Marakukaja (to raise Defense), or Masukukaja (to raise Accuracy/Evasion). Aigis will have access to Matarukaja and Marakukaja, and Akihiko has Masukukaja.

Another tip is to use Theurgies. If you need to, go back to the lower floors and max out everyone’s Theurgy Gauge. Then, enter the Monad Passage and start the fight. With Theurgy, you should target the Amorous Snake first. If you have the protagonist’s Theurgy, use Jack Brothers to potentially Down all opponents, then follow up with an All-Out Attack (or heal, if needed).

Finally, before confronting the Amorous Snake, you can use Fuuka’s Sylphid Aura Skill. This will raise the party’s Defense/Accuracy for three turns at the start of battle. Be warned that Sylphid Aura’s effects only last for one battle.

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