Answering the best answers for the Ghost Story Rumors in Persona 3 Reload will net you a modest reward, but is it worth it?

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In Persona 3 Reload, you’ll run into some story events that take up some of your After School and Evening time between Full Moon Operations. During late-May in Persona 3 Reload, you’ll be asked to debunk the Ghost Story at Gekkoukan High School. The investigation involves speaking to random NPCs at the high school, but it’s also not mandatory as you’ll find out the truth automatically. However, if you choose to gather research and correctly answer Yukari’s questions about the Ghost Rumors, you’ll receive a modest reward.


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Ghost Story Investigation

Question & Answers

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You’ll be forced to listen to Junpei’s “Believe It Or Don’t” story during the evening on 6/1. It involves the gossip you may have heard about the high school girl found outside Gekkoukan High. Yukari will then decide to do some reading into the rumors, and she’ll ask for the protagonist’s help. Fortunately, “investigating” won’t take up any of your free time. You can choose to speak to Gekkoukan students in or outside school if you want, but the game won’t punish youif you decide not to help.

Yukari will give you until 6/5, during which she’ll host a discussion in the Iwatodai Dorm Lounge in the evening. You’ll then be prompted to choose the correct answers:


But why did the rumor spread so fast, if this was the first time anything happened?

There were three victims.

Do you know? What’d all three victims have in common?

They all hung out together.

Once the discussion is
, you’ll be able to
use your Evening time however you like
. If you’re on a new playthrough, you’re advised to spend the evening time
working on your social stats

Ghost Story Investigation Reward

Is It Worth It?

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If you manage to answer everything correctly, Yukari will give you a Cielo Mist item. This is a beverage that restores 10 HP to 1 ally. It’s not anything impressive, and you can get your own Cielo Mist from the vending machine in the Iwatodai Dorm. You’ll also receive one as you progress through the Hierophant Social Link. Answering everything correctly also won’t give you Social Stat points.

If you’re working on Elizabeth’s Request 9: I’d like to try all kinds of drinks, then you can potentially give her the Cielo Mist when you go to turn in all 12 beverages (one from each vending machine). If you finish Request 9, you’ll receive a Media Skill Card from Elizabeth. Otherwise, it’s best to use Cielo Mist and other beverage HP-restoring items for breaks in-between battles during your Tartarus exploration.

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