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Weapons, armor, and shoes can all be purchased at the police station in Persona 3 Reload. While powerful options can be purchased here, these won’t be the best gear options players have access to in the game.

While better weapons can be found in Tartarus, the best weapons in the game can be obtained through Persona 3 Reload’s Fusion system. Fused weapons may not always have the highest base stats, but often come with additional perks that make them far outclass weapons with higher stats. Fusion will often require Heart Items. Here’s how to get and use Heart Items.


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How To Get Heart Items In Persona 3 Reload

A Titania Leveling Up About To Give A Heart Item

Heart Items are given to the protagonist by a Persona after it reaches a certain level. Not every Persona has a Heart Item to give, and once that Persona has given you a Heart Item, it won’t have another to give even if summoned again. Some lower-tier Heart Items are given by multiple Personas while higher-tier Hear Items are only given by a single Persona, limiting the number of that Heart Item in a playthrough to just one. If a Persona has a Heart Item to give, a pink crystal heart will be displayed in the top right of that Persona’s skill list while also appearing in the Compendium next to that Persona.

Heart Items aren’t given early on and will require the player to level up a Persona anywhere between 6-12 times with it varying each time. Heart Items are only given after that Persona learns all available skills it can learn by leveling up. The number of soon-to-be-learned skills is displayed by the question marks in the bottom right of the Personas skill list when looking at them in the Persona menu. An easy way to speed up the process is by getting large XP boosts to newly fused Personas by getting their corresponding social link to max rank.

Some ultimate gear pieces will require players to choose as there is only one Heart Item but multiple recipes to choose from.


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What Are Heart Items Used For In Persona 3 Reload

The Player Standing Outside Of Mayoido Antiques

Heart Items can be taken to Mayoido Antiques in Paulownia Mall to be fused into base items. Every member of S.E.E.S has many fused weapons they can get throughout the game, with many armor pieces and footwear also available to be fused and placed on characters. Fusion will also require other Valuables found in Tartarus. These Valuables and the base materials needed for fusion are usually found in Monad Doors, Monad Passages, and green chests in Tartarus.

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