• Villains in the Persona series have recognizable and memorable outfits that help them stand out.
  • The villains in Persona don’t look like stereotypical masterminds, but rather like ordinary people who dress well to avoid suspicion.
  • The stylish outfits of the villains in Persona games contribute to their character and help them maintain their authority and presence.

It’s not just the Persona protagonists who get to show off their sense of style in the games, as a lot of the games’ villains also have very recognizable and memorable outfits that help them stand out. Atlus is without a doubt one of the most talented developers in the industry when it comes to design and style, with a lot of their titles being shining examples of games that not only feel good to play, but that are also able to dazzle players with their striking visuals and sleek character designs.


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Because the Persona series is always partly based in the real world, it means that the villains don’t look like stereotypical masterminds with large oversized capes or bulky armor. Instead, they usually look like ordinary people, and while they may be planning some horrific schemes behind the scenes, they still make sure to dress their best to avoid any suspicion. It’s time to take a closer look at the most stylish villains in the Persona series to understand exactly what makes their outfits so iconic among fans.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

1 Goro Akechi

Stylish Detective Attire Has Become Synonymous With The Character

Goro Akechi

Persona 5
September 15, 2016

RPG , Social Simulation

For a lot of Persona 5’s story, Akechi plays himself off as nothing more than a prince detective who is seeking to bring the Phantom Thieves to justice, and there’s no denying that he most certainly looks the part. While his shaggy brown hair is a very recognizable aspect of Akechi’s look, he’s also well known for his long tan peacoat which manages to look both professional and casual at the same time.

He does still keep the top of the coat open to expose a shirt and striped tie, just in case he doesn’t already look formal enough, and when paired with his skinny black pants and loafers, it gives him a very authoritative presence which feeds into his underlying personality. There might not be too many smaller details to pick apart with Akechi’s outfit, but it still looks downright dashing nonetheless.

2 Masayoshi Shido

Hides His Underlying Motives Through His Snazzy Dress Sense

Shido from Persona 5

Considering that Shido is running to be the president of Japan, it makes sense that he would dress appropriately for the position, but what helps his look stand out a little more is the several personal decorations he can also often be seen wearing. The most noticeable of these is his yellow-tinted square shades, which have become synonymous with the character, alongside a tiny golden emblem that shows off his more luxurious side.


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Considering just how much of a monster Shido is depicted as being within his Palace, his savvy businessman outfit does a very good job at hiding his maniacal intentions, though it’s clear that there’s something “off” with the man considering how cold and calculated he comes across during interactions.

3 Tohru Adachi

Manages To Insert Some Of His Care-Free Personality Into His Formal Outfit

Goro Adachi with a mad look

Persona 4 Golden
December 9, 2008


It’s incredibly unlikely for first-time players of Persona 4 to guess that the timid police detective known as Tohru Adachi is the game’s main antagonist, and one reason for this is his extremely formal appearance. Adachi’s white shirt and bright red tie combo are definitely quite basic, but it also manages to look both smart and stylish, and considering that he never actually buttons up the jacket, it also inserts some of his carefree nature into the outfit.

Even when it’s revealed that Adachi was actually behind the murders all along, he still decides to don his signature suit and tie, which is also a big reason why it’s remained so iconic. A few extra small additions that help take the outfit up a notch concerning style include the white cuff sleeves that poke out from his jacket, along with his snazzy brown buckle belt and a pair of smart brown shoes.

4 Takahisa Kandori

Dark And Glossy Get-Up Is Incredibly Well Put Together For Someone Of His Caliber

Takahisa confronting the party in Persona

Revelations: Persona
December 14, 1996

JRPG , Social Simulation

Kandori is the main antagonist of the very first Persona game, but at first glance, he seems more like a fashion model than a council president who dreams of becoming a demi-god. Every time Kandori shows up on screen, he’s always shown sporting a sheen and glossy jacket that seems to be a dark blue, though the muted color palette of the first game can make it difficult to tell.


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To add even more style, he’s also attached a pocket watch that stretches into his breast pocket, along with a high-collar dark undershirt that reaches to his neck. When he’s not manipulating his students and continuing his work on the evil DEVA machine to alter his abilities, it’s clear that Kandori spends a lot of time choosing the right outfit that personifies his power and authority, and that’s most definitely implied through his most recognizable appearance.

5 Kunikazu Okumura

Colorful Yet Formal, Okumura Stands Out For His Unique Appearance

Kunikazu reading a calling card

Okumura doesn’t get too much screen time throughout Persona 5, but when he does show up, he makes quite the impression thanks to his cold demeanor and unique outfit. While Okumura, like a lot of villains in the series, wears a long black business coat and white undershirt, he also has a few slightly more colorful additions that help set him apart, mainly the patterned red ascot and bright tanned pants.

It’s clear that, given his prestigious position as the CEO of Okumura Foods, he’s trying to look as professional as possible, but the extra dashes of color help to give him a little more of a vibrant appearance that still doesn’t look too jarring or out of place. It’s a shame that he doesn’t appear much outside of a few brief scenes because Okumura has a very distinctive fashion sense that remains eye-catching without going too over the top.

6 Shuji Ikutsuki

Proves Why He’s Called The “Sophisticated Gentleman” Through His Flashy Fashion Sense

Shuji Ikutsuki

Persona 3
July 13, 2006


Smart, stylish, and effortlessly cool, Ikutsuki is often referred to as the “Sophisticated Gentleman” for parts of Persona 3, and it’s not hard to understand why when seeing his fashion sense. As the director of Gekkoukan High School, Ikutsuki demonstrates his position of authority through his long tan jacket which is always fully buttoned up, but another very noticeable part of his outfit is the dark brown turtleneck that should look out of place, yet he manages to pull it off extremely well.

He also sports a pair of round glasses which helps add to his “sophisticated” look, along with having long gray hair which he neatly keeps behind him at all times. It’s hard to imagine that such an elegantly dressed individual would end up revealing himself as a nihilistic maniac later in the story, but that’s just a testament to how much he understands the importance of keeping up an appearance.


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