Every Pokemon game since generation one has been made in a way that allows each player to construct a team of six Pokemon to take on the region’s gym leaders and become the champion. Though this may be difficult, some fans are always on the lookout for new ways to make the games harder for themselves.


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One of the ways players can do this is by only using one Pokemon throughout the game in a solo run. Of course, the Pokemon that players choose will make a difference to how easy the challenge is, and many regions will require the player to use other Pokemon for using HM’s. However, there is still one Pokemon that players will find it best to go through that generation in a solo run.

9 Generation One: Alakazam/Mr Mime

Pokedex Numbers: 65/122

Pokemon Red and Blue
September 28, 1998

Every Pokemon player is aware of how overpowered the psychic type was in generation one. There was no dark type yet to counter it, and no bug types in the Kanto region that are strong enough to use in battle in the latter part of the game. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the best Pokemon to solo run in the Generation One game is a psychic type.

Alakazam is the strongest of this type in Kanto, with a special attack of 135 and a speed stat of 120. This means that many players will be able to wipe out any opponent with no weakness in no time. Abra is found in the patch of grass to the north of Cerulean City, but players need to trade Kadabra in order to evolve it into Alakazam. As such, anyone who cannot do this may want to try the solo run with the slightly weaker psychic Pokemon, Mr Mime. This clown has a special attack of 120 and is found early on route 2 by trading an Abra for the Pokemon.

8 Feraligatr

Pokedex Number: 160

Pokemon Gold and Silver
October 14, 2000

Many new players to the Pokemon franchise are aware of just how easy it is to start doing a solo run with their starter. These Pokemon level up quickly, and they will never disobey you when becoming over-leveled. That is why the generation two games are best for solo running with one of these starters. Plus, Generation Two added the dark type to give psychic Pokemon a weakness.

In fairness, it is easy to solo any Johto game with any of the starters if given enough time. However, Chikorita is weak in the first two gyms and the first two members of the Elite Four. Typlosion will fare better in the region, but Whitney, Chuck, and Bruno are essential encounters that it will struggle with. Feraligatr is good in many situations in the region and can learn some strong physical moves that will help it overpower any strong opponent with its attack stat of 105.

7 Generation 3: Swampert

Pokedex Number: 260

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire

The water-type starter is beneficial again for a solo run in generation three, as it is given to the player as soon as the game starts, and it levels up quickly. However, the Swampert line also has the benefit of being part Ground and Water type.


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As a result, the Electric-type gym leader that should pose a threat in Hoenn is no problem when using only a Swampert. This Pokemon is even more useful when playing through Pokemon Ruby, as it is four times super effective for many of Team Magma’s Pokemon. What’s more, Swampert can also learn many of the HMs necessary to traverse the region.

6 Generation 4: Torterra

Pokedex Number: 389

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

Dual typings are something that many starters in the Pokemon franchise have benefited from. For instance, the grass-type starter in every region is normally outclassed pretty quickly in any region, especially if the player’s rival has picked the fire-type starter. There are just so many weaknesses that can be used to counter these Pokemon, such as fire, poison, bug, flying, and ice. However, they are only super effective against water, rock, and ground. Fortunately, only a few of these weaknesses are a problem for the starter Pokemon, Torterra.

With its secondary ground typing, Torterra shrugs off all of its grass weaknesses and even gets moves to do some damage to the fire and flying types. Given all the bonuses that Torterra receives from being a starter, it easily becomes the best Pokemon to solo-run through Sinnoh.

5 Generation 5: Volcarona

Pokedex Number: 637

Contrary to popular belief, Volcarona is not a legendary or even a pseudo-legendary Pokemon. This bug and fire type may look impressive enough to carry one of these monikers, but its stats just aren’t high enough. Still, it has good enough stats to take it through the Unova region alone.

Players can find a Larvesta on route 18 by speaking to a ranger. This ranger will give the player a Larvesta egg, which means that the Pokemon they receive will level up with boosted experience. Plus, the bug type gives Volcarona a bit of resistance against some types. As a result, the only trainers players need to fear in this type of run are ones with rock or ground types. Fortunately, this is only a problem in the fifth gym, and Volcarona’s Flame Body ability can reduce the attack stat of these Pokemon to help them endure some hits.

4 Generation 6: Lucario

Pokedex Number: 448

Pokemon X and Y
October 12, 2023

Unfortunately, one of the best Pokemon for a solo run in Kalos isn’t available until after beating the third gym. Still, it is worth the wait to get the powerful steel/fighting type, Lucario. This Pokemon has always been a powerful force with its diverse move pull and base stat total of 525.

However, Lucario has the additional benefit of being used in a solo run in this region. Generation Six introduced the concept of Mega Evolution to the franchise, and Lucario is one of the few Pokemon who can use this temporary power boost to tough out some of the harder battles in the game. Plus, its typing makes the most difficult and final ice-type gym a breeze.

3 Generation 7: Alolan Muk

Pokedex Number: 89

Pokemon Sun and Moon
November 18, 2016

Muk has been a consistently good poison-type team member to use in a playthrough ever since its debut in generation one. However, its regional form, introduced in Alola, gave it a new coat of paint and an additional dark type.

The poison type is useful for getting through Alola, as it can be useful when combating the tricky new fairy type. Plus, it has no outright weakness in any of the Trial Captain fights, and the dark type helps it resist any of the psychic moves used in the ghost trial. It can also whittle down tough enemies with its poison touch ability.

2 Generation 8: Corviknight

Pokedex Number: 823

Pokemon Sword and Shield
November 15, 2019


Early route bird Pokemon are normally great additions to any team, but their usefulness often falls off when the battles start to get difficult. Fortunately, Corviknight is a rare exception to this trend. The steel/flying type is easy to pick up in Galar on the first route, and it is often carried by players through the rest of the game.


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That is mostly because its tough steel type makes it highly resistant to a lot of moves, and its beefy defense of 105 makes it surprisingly durable. The only thing players will need to worry about in a Generation Eight playthrough with Corvinight is the third gym battle. However, moves like Swagger and Hone Claws can help in this difficult fire fight.

1 Generation 9: Skeledirge

Pokedex Number: 911

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
November 18, 2022

Skeledirge is the newest fire-type starter in the franchise. Hailing from Paldea, this ghost/fire type has a few tricks up its sleeve to help it run solo in the entire ninth-generation games.

For starters, the only gym in the region it will have any trouble with is the water gym. However, players can opt to take on this gym last at a much higher level, as the gyms in this region can be battled in any order. What’s more, Skeledirge has a signature move, Torch Song, which raises the Pokemon’s special attack with every hit the move lands. Therefore, Skeledirge only gets stronger with each Pokemon it knocks out in battle. Moreover, moves like Hex and Shadow Ball will help it out immensely during the ground-type Elite Four match.


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