• A talented fan artist creates a stunning watercolor painting of Squirtle, capturing the nostalgia of the original Pokemon games.
  • The artist has a portfolio of watercolor pieces, including recreations of classic Pokemon and other subjects like Star Wars characters.
  • Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC will bring back past starters, including Squirtle, for players to enjoy in the upcoming game expansion.

A talented Pokemon fan artist has created a stunning watercolor painting featuring the original Water-type starter, Squirtle. As a starter in the original Pokemon games, Squirtle was many trainers’ first partner. Along with fellow Gen 1 starter Pokemon Bulbasaur and Charmander, Squirtle was featured heavily in the anime as an early member of Ash’s team.

For Pokemon fan art, the original 151 creatures are common subjects – the starters, even more so. Through fan art, Squirtle has been reimagined numerous times in various ways. The fan-favorite pocket monster has even changed types and crossed over into different franchises thanks to fan creations. One Pokemon fan even recreated the iconic Squirtle Squad scene from the anime in pixel art.


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Recently, Reddit user kellyduncann created an amazing watercolor painting of Squirtle. The artist stayed true to the original design of one of the best Water-type starter Pokemon but gave the creature an understated elegance. Additionally, the painting feels like a nostalgic throwback to the art style featured in the booklets and official guides for the early Pokemon games.

The artist has consistently been uploading watercolor pieces for a while but has only recently switched to sharing recreations of classic Pokemon. Gengar, Charmander, Leafeon, and Pikachu are just a few of kellyduncann’s recent subjects. Additionally, the artist has shared paintings featuring animals and even Star Wars characters. For those looking for their own personal watercolor creation, the artist is open for commissions. In fact, the Squirtle piece itself is one the artist was hired to do.

While this painting stays true to the original design, many artists take on projects that reimagine Pokemon in completely new and unique ways. For example, one fan artist turned the original starter Pokemon into Digimon. The two rival franchises have often been pitted against each other during playground debates, but the artists combined the styles of both series to create some epic new creatures. Still, there is something to be said for kellyduncann’s work, which makes the viewer nostalgic for the early pixelated days of the original Game Boy.

For those hoping to recapture some of the magic of their Gen 1 adventures, the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC will feature past starters. Not only will Squirtle return thanks to the second, and presumably final, wave of DLC, but so will fan-favorite starters like Totodile, Torchic, Snivy, and more. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Indigo Disk DLC will be available to play on December 15, 2023.

pokemon scarlet and violet games

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet are the main entries in the series for Generation IX. They introduced over 100 new Pokemon and brought players to the Paldea region.


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