• The Paradox Pokemon designs of the Paldea region starters made by one fan showcase a unique twist on familiar creatures, adding mystery and intrigue.
  • The Gen 9 starters in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have gained popularity for their unique designs and types.
  • It is unknown if Paradox Pokemon will appear in Pokemon Legends: Z-A.

The many Paradox Pokemon themed around the past have proven popular among Pokemon fans, and one artist has shared a few of their own designs which present what the Paldea region’s starters might look like as past-based Paradox Pokemon. Despite their widely criticized drawbacks, the latest Pokemon titles have introduced a large variety of new creatures, and the Gen 9 starters have certainly proven to be some of the most popular starter Pokemon in recent years.

As favored as the adorable Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly are in the eyes of many players, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are often praised for another batch of Pokemon designs that they introduced – the Paradox Pokemon. These strange Pokemon easily proved to be one of the most mysterious aspects of the Gen 9 titles. Dwelling exclusively within the depths of Area Zero, Paradox Pokemon represent a select few species that quite literally represent alternate-universe versions of certain Pokemon. While their designs are mostly reminiscent of their regular counterparts, these Paradox Pokemon feature alternate types and appearances which create the impression of them hailing from either the distant past or future.


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Next Paradox Tera Raids Have Some Big Upsides

Following the end of the Charizard Tera raids, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet pull back the curtain on some new Paradox Tera raids for players to face.

Inspired by these popular designs from the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games, an artist from the Pokemon community known as Mindrawz has shared a few of their own custom designs featuring Paradox variants of Paldea’s starter Pokemon. These fantastic concepts are based on the final evolutionary stages of each starter, with Paradox Meowscarada being named Freezing Savagery, Paradox Quaquaval being titled Reckless Spout, and Paradox Skeledirge receiving the name Shrieking Flame. The typings of these Pokemon have also been mixed up for these Paradox Pokemon, with Freezing Savagery getting the Grass and Ice types, Reckless Spout getting the Water and Dark types, and Shrieking Flame getting the Fire and Steel types.

Many fans have been quick to point out the peculiarity of Shrieking Flame’s lack of arms, but the weird appearance this detail contributes to is quite beneficial for a Paradox Pokemon design. Many of the official Paradox Pokemon from the Gen 9 games ooze a sense of eerieness due both to their uncanny appearances and mysterious origins. This is fitting because while Paradox Pokemon appear to have been transported from different points in time, lore enthusiasts will know that their true origins are actually from different timelines altogether.

Will Paradox Pokemon Return in Pokemon Legends: Z-A?

With the reveal of Pokemon Legends: Z-A, one of the big questions is whether Paradox Pokemon will make a return in this next title. From a lore perspective, it seems incredibly unlikely that players will be able to encounter Paradox Pokemon in the wild when they revisit the Kalos region next year. Realistically, however, the recent addition and popularity of Paradox Pokemon likely means that they’ll be obtainable in the game through some method – though perhaps only via Pokemon HOME transfer.



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