• Mimikyu, a unique Ghost/Fairy-type Pokemon from Gen 7, is known for its sadness and Pikachu disguise with crayon eyes.
  • The fan art makeover of Mimikyu in a Piplup disguise opens up creative possibilities for Pokemon disguises based on other monsters.
  • Mimikyu has a vulnerable ‘Disguised Form’ where its broken disguise triggers anger and the need for late-night repairs.

A Pokemon fan has shared a different take on Mimikyu, showing the Pokemon in a Piplup disguise. With over 1,000 monsters presented over nine generations, it’s understood that the Pokemon franchise has critters with diverse designs and stories. Despite this, few Pokemon are as distinctive as Mimikyu.

Introduced in Gen 7, Mimikyu is a Ghost/Fairy-type Pokemon whose sadness influences everything from its origin to design. Mimikyu is one of the smallest Pokemon ever, and its body is completely hidden under an old rag that resembles a Pikachu. One notable difference from its counterpart, however, is its eyes, as if drawn with crayons. It’s said that Mimikyu specifically chose to dress up as Pikachu given the popularity of the Pokemon franchise mascot. Because of that, Mimikyu is always wearing a disguise, and its true appearance is unknown.


Pokemon Fan Creates Impressive Sprites for Every Generation’s Starters

A talented Pokemon fan creates sprites for the starters of every generation, giving Game Freak’s critters an adorable makeover.

Reddit user hanako_gumi gave Mimikyu a Piplup-themed makeover, showing a new concept for the Gen 7 Pokemon. The fan art showcases Mimikyu wearing a Piplup disguise instead of a Pikachu one, with the lower part in a blue tone. The upper part is the head of Piplup, one of the starters of the Gen 4 games, and Dawn’s partner in the Pokemon anime. In the fan art, the Piplup-themed Mimikyu is also carrying a leaf, and the disguise is slumped over, showing a kind of face on the underside of the Pokemon.

Pokemon Gives Mimikyu a Disguise Based on Piplup

Hanako_gumi portrays its Mimikyu makeover in what is known as Busted Form. While Mimikyu is one of the Pokemon with no evolution, the Gen 7 monster has two forms. The Disguised Form is Mimikyu’s default appearance, with its Pikachu disguise appearing upright. Once Mimikyu is hit by any attack, the neck of the old rag breaks, causing it to fall to the side. It is said that Mimikyu suffers greatly when its cover is damaged, and spends the night repairing it with difficulty. In addition, Mimikyu creates a deep anger towards the person responsible for ruining its rag, which lasts as long as the Pokemon lives.

The fan art shared by the Pokemon fan shows an inventive take on Mimikyu because while there is only Pikachu’s camouflage in official releases, it could open the door for Pokemon to receive disguises based on other monsters. While the idea doesn’t exist officially, Pokemon fans have wasted no time and have already imagined different forms for Mimikyu with results that stand out for their creativity.


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