In Pokemon GO, there are a variety of different events that occur throughout the year. However, among the larger one-off events, there are a series of different recurring events that offer capture opportunities and bonuses.


Pokemon GO: How to Catch Celebi

Pokemon GO’s Celebi Special Research quest, A Ripple in Time, is now live in the game. Here is how to complete each step and catch the mythical Pokemon Celebi.

Among the various mini events that take place in Pokemon GO, Spotlight Hour events are some of the most frequently occurring events to take place in the game. Spotlight Hour features an event bonus plus one specifically chosen Pokemon that will spawn with an increased rate, enabling more chances to capture and farm them. For the April 9, 2024, Spotlight Hour, the Poison/Fighting Dual-Type, Croagunk, will be making an appearance, so knowing the necessary details in advance can help you prepare for the event ahead of time.

Croagunk Spotlight Hour: Bonuses & Shiny Rates, Explained

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Croagunk is to be featured as the key Pokemon during Pokemon GO‘s April 9, 2024, Spotlight Hour event, which takes place between 6 PM – 7 PM, local time. During this hour-long phase, Croagunk will make much more frequent appearances in the wild, enabling you to catch one for your Pokedex, hunt for a worthy contender to use in PvP battling, or even simply farm some Candy.

Alongside the increase of wild Croagunk set to pop up during your adventures, there is also the classic Spotlight Hour event bonus to make the most of. During the April 9 Croagunk Spotlight Hour, the featured bonus is doubled evolution XP. This means that all experience earned from evolving your Pokemon will be doubled, so it’s a good idea to not only spam-catch a bunch of Croagunk to farm up a bunch of Candy but then also to evolve as many Croagunk as possible into Toxicroak.

In addition to making the most out of evolving Croagunk with easy access to Croagunk Candy, you can also catch easy-to-evolve Pokemon in advance, and stash them aside for when the event goes live, enabling you to maximize value from this bonus.

Lastly, for some lucky Trainers, you may have the chance to stumble across a shiny Croagunk during the Spotlight Hour, as this Pokemon does have a shiny variant live in the game. However, while Spotlight Hour does increase the quantity of Croagunk spawning in the wild, shiny rates themselves are not boosted by Spotlight Hour events. Despite this, the increased Spawn Rate does provide more chances of stumbling upon one of these lucky encounters due to the increased frequency of spawns regarding this one Pokemon.

Shiny Croagunk Rate in Pokemon GO

  • It can be estimated that your chances of encountering a shiny Croagunk are around the one-in-500 area. This information was indicated by player data regarding general encounters that were collected and examined by The Silph Road during their previous partnership with Niantic.

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