Pokemon GO developers debuted Shiny Wimpod, Shiny Golisopod, and other Shiny monsters during the 2024 Sizeable Surprises event. The in-game event brings Wimpod and Shiny Wimpod as wild spawns. In addition, once players catch a Shiny Wimpod, they can proceed to get a Shiny Golisopod.

Pokemon GO players can get Shiny Wimpod and Shiny Golisopod from the 2024 Sizeable Surprises event on Thursday, April 4, at 10:00 AM Local Time. The Standard and Shiny variants of Wimpod have identical stats and damage output. Featured events boost Wimpod’s wild spawn rate, but encountering a wild Shiny Wimpod requires intense grinding. Regarding Shiny Golisopod, one must first get a Shiny Wimpod. That said, this guide details the best way to get Shiny Wimpod and Shiny Golisopod in the game.


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Pokemon GO: How To Get Shiny Wimpod

Shiny Wimpod in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO trainers have better chances of encountering a wild Shiny Wimpod during featured events that boost its spawn rate. Events like 2024 Sizeable Surprises that feature Wimpod increase its wild spawn rate, which might help catch up to its Shiny odds. The more Standard variants are encountered, the quicker players may match the monster’s Shiny spawn odds.

One can also use multiple Pokemon GO items like Lure Modules, Incense, and the Weather Boost function to boost wild spawn rate around specific areas. Using these items strategically during events that feature Wimpod can notably increase its wild spawn rate.

Rainy weather triggers the Weather Boost for Wimpod. Trainers must look for a PokeStop or Gym in areas with rainy weather, attach a Lure Module, activate a Pokemon GO Incense, and walk around that area. Doing so will stack their effects on top of the already boosted Wimpod wild spawn rate, triggering multiple Wimpod spawns that may help match its shiny odds. One must note that even after following this strategy, there is no guarantee that players might encounter a Shiny Wimpod.


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Pokemon GO: How To Get Shiny Golisopod

Shiny Golisopod in Pokemon GO

After catching a Shiny Wimpod, players can move on to get a Shiny Golisopod. The evolution process is straightforward, but one must know how to farm Wimpod Candy in Pokemon GO.

The requirement for evolving a Shiny Wimpod into a Shiny Golisopod is 400 Candy. Getting that amount of Candy takes intense grinding. Pokemon GO players can catch and transfer numerous Wimpod, complete featured Research tasks, or make Wimpod the Buddy Pokemon and do tasks with it to farm for the Candy.

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