• Not all unevolved Pokemon are suitable for competitive play, but some benefit greatly from Eviolite boosts.
  • Eviolite users should watch out for new evolved forms in the competitive meta with the latest game update.
  • Chansey stands out as the top Eviolite user in competitive play, with high HP and a versatile move set.

The competitive Pokemon meta is normally populated by fully evolved, fully-leveled-up Pokemon. However, some Pokemon can make a splash in the world of online play without reaching their final form. Through the use of an item called Eviolite, unevolved Pokemon receive boosted Defense and Special Defense stats.


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It won’t come as a surprise that not all unevolved Pokemon are suitable for competitive gameplay. However, some Pokemon in particular benefit greatly from the increased stat boosts that the Eviolite item offers. These examples are the best Eviolite Pokemon in the competitive meta and are well worth adding to one’s team.

Updated April 14, 2024 by Blaise Santi: The final DLC expansion for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has finally been released, serving as what will likely be the final update to the latest mainline Pokemon game for the time being. With the newest update also comes the new potential for Eviolite to make an appearance in the competitive scene, especially with the addition of newly evolved forms of previous Pokemon made available in the new Terarium location, as well as access to Pokemon HOME.

These additional Pokemon are ones that Eviolite users should keep an eye out for, while competitive opponents would be wise not to underestimate teams that bring out these unevolved but still potentially strong creatures.

1 Duraludon

The Indigo Disk Gives Duraludon A Stat Boost

Duraludon is a Steel type Pokemon introduced in Sword and Shield

  • Where to Catch:
  • Polar Biome: Chargestone Cavern
  • Tera Raid Battles

When Duraludon was first introduced in Pokemon Sword & Shield, it was a single-stage Steel/Dragon-type Pokemon. Its evolution, Archaludon, didn’t show up until an entire generation later as part of The Indigo Disk DLC for Scarlet & Violet. However, even before it was given an evolution, Duraludon had some potential in the competitive scene.

With high Defense and high Special Attack, giving Duraludon Eviolite will result in a much-needed boost to the Pokemon’s Special Defense. This will make the sturdy Steel-type even more durable as it deploys monstrous special attacks like Draco Meteor or Flash Cannon, both of which have STAB bonuses as well.

2 Stantler

The Hisui Region Unlocked A New Era For Stantler

deer pokemon

  • Where to Catch:
  • Kitakami: Reveler’s Road, Kitakami Hall, Mossfell Confluence, Oni Mountain, Kitakami Wilds, Timeless Woods
  • Tera Raid Battles

Stantler was unable to take advantage of Eviolite for a long time since it originally debuted in the second generation games. It wasn’t until Pokemon Legends Arceus, released in 2022, came out that Stantler got an evolution in Wyrdeer, which boasts an added Psychic-typing to the Normal-type Stantler. However, Stantler had a lot going for it even before that game.

Its stats may be nothing to sneeze at, but an added boost to Stantler’s Defense and Special Defense can make the difference in a competitive match. With access to moves like Calm Mind that increase its special stats as well, Stantler can become a special-attacking powerhouse in only a few turns, without the help of Wyrdeer’s better stat distribution.

3 Misdreavus

Opponents Will Be Haunted By This Pre-Evolution

pokemon anime misdreavus

  • Where to Catch:
  • South Province: Areas 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • East Province: Area 2, Tagtree Thicket
  • West Province: Area 1
  • North Province: Dalizapa Passage, Glaseado Mountain
  • Tera Raid Battles

Unlike its fellow Gen 2 Pokemon Stantler, Misdreavus didn’t have to wait too long for an evolved form, which came when Mismagius was introduced in the fourth generation. However, in its unevolved state, Misdreavus offers some nice benefits as part of a competitive team, mainly as a set-up Pokemon with moves like Will-O-Wisp, Pain Split, Thunder Wave, and Hex.


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While Mismagius does boast incredible stats in Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed, Misdreavus’ niche use as a utility can make it an unexpected threat. Especially with strategies that take advantage of Calm Mind or Nasty Plot, Misdreavus can transform into a Pokemon that can sweep teams with the right combination of Shadow Ball or Draining Kiss.

4 Dipplin

Its Evolution’s Existence Was Speculated For A Reason

Dipplin in a grassy field in Scarlet/Violet

  • How to Catch:
  • Evolve Applin with Syrupy Apple

Dipplin was a newly added third evolution to the Gen 8 Pokemon Applin, introduced in Sword & Shield with a split evolution line into Appletun and Flapple. Although it was originally a final form in The Teal Mask DLC expansion, its evolution, Hydrapple, was revealed alongside its follow-up, The Indigo Disk, as well as the method to evolve it.

Because of its access to Eviolite even in The Teal Mask, Dipplin became an interesting dark horse in the Gen 9 competitive meta. Its signature move, Syrup Bomb, reduces the opponent’s speed while Dipplin is on the field. This means Dipplin can get a powerful edge over faster Pokemon if it can stay alive long enough to slow them down thanks to Eviolite.

5 Riolu

Riolu With Eviolite Becomes A Prankster

Riolu ready to fight in the anime

  • Where to Catch:
  • South Province: Area 2, 4
  • North Province: Area 1
  • Tera Raid Battles

Lucario is a fan-favorite in the Pokemon franchise, introduced in the Gen 4 titles Diamond & Pearl. Its pre-evolution Riolu, however, has always been a much weaker version of its superior final evolution. However, the use of Eviolite can turn Riolu from a waste of party space to a serious competitive threat, for similar reasons to other Pokemon on this list.

Particularly, Riolu has access to the Hidden Ability known as Prankster, which is also known by Murkrow. This means it can have some serious staying power on the field when given moves like Toxic, Protect, and Helping Hand, the latter of which is especially useful in the current competitive Pokemon meta, which prioritizes Double Battles.

6 Dartrix

Its Lackluster Typing Needs Eviolite’s Defense Boost

Dartrix in a forest waving

  • How to Catch:
  • Evolve Rowlet at level 17

Decidueye is quite an interesting Pokemon in the NU tier of the competitive meta, but its pre-evolution Dartrix boasts a few key benefits. For instance, Dartrix does not share Decidueye’s Ghost-typing, instead being 4x weak to the uncommon Ice-type as a Grass/Flying Pokemon. However, giving it Eviolite will more than make up for its lackluster stats.


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Dartrix, like its evolution, gets access to the move Trailblaze, a Grass-type move introduced in Gen 9 which also increases the speed stat by one stage. Paired with powerful moves like Night Shade and Brave Bird, Dartrix can be a valuable if unpredictable member of a competitive team, though it may not spend a lot of time on the field.

7 Murkrow

Why Murkrow Disrupted Gen 9’s Competitive Meta

Murkrow spreading its wings in the anime

  • Where to Catch:
  • South Province: Areas 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • East Province: Area 1, 2, 3, Tagtree Thicket
  • West Province: Area 2, 3
  • Tera Raid Battles

Murkrow took the competitive Pokemon scene by storm in early Gen 9 tournaments. While its evolution Honchkrow boasts significantly better Attack and Special Attack, a Murkrow holding Eviolite rivals its evolved form in defensive stats. Additionally, Murkrow also has an edge over Honchkrow as a support Pokemon through its Hidden Ability.

Murkrow’s Hidden Ability, Prankster, gives priority to status moves, making it a very useful option in competitive play. Its access to status moves like Haze, Taunt, Torment, and Rest makes it an incredibly tough Pokemon to set up against. Its Flying typing also defends it against Dark-type weaknesses like Fighting and Bug, plus Ground-type immunity.

8 Primeape

Good Enough To Keep Unevolved

Primeape raising its fist mid-battle in the anime

  • Where to Catch:
  • South Province: Area 4
  • West Province: Area 1, 3
  • North Province: Area 1, Glaseado Mountain
  • Tera Raid Battles

Though Mankey and Primeape were initially introduced in the very first generation of Pokemon, Gen 9 finally levels them up with a third stage. Primeape evolves into the Ghost/Fighting-type Annihilape after using the Ghost-type move Rage Fist 20 times. However, there’s a serious benefit to keeping Primeape around holding an Eviolite.

With Eviolite, Primeape can reap the rewards of higher defense stats while also keeping access to the coverage Rage Fist allows. With Rage Fist, the move’s power increases every time Primeape is hit, which makes the increased defense preferable. Primeape also boasts better Speed than Annihilape, making it a great Eviolite candidate.

9 Bisharp

Kingambit Isn’t The Only Dominant Member Of This Evolutionary Line

Georgia using a Bisharp in a battle in the anime

  • Where to Catch:
  • North Province: Area Two
  • Area Zero
  • Tera Raid Battles
  • Timeless Woods (DLC)

Bisharp’s evolved form, Kingambit, does not boast a new typing. It remains Dark/Steel-type. However, Kingambit’s edge over Bisharp is its Ability, Supreme Overlord, which increases its Attack and Special Attack based on how many of its allies have fainted. With a fully wiped-out team, that means Kingambit gets a 50% increase in his brute power.


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However, this may be unnecessary given Bisharp’s past viability in the competitive scene. In fact, Bisharp may even benefit from the increased defense of Kingambit. It also wouldn’t sacrifice its decent Speed stat for Kingambit’s disappointing numbers in that area. While Kingambit makes a decent tank, an Eviolite Bisharp could be a bulky sweeper.

10 Dunsparce

Much More Useful Than Its New Evolved Form

Dunsparce sitting on a log in the anime

  • Where to Catch:
  • South Province: Area 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, Alfornada Cavern
  • East Province: 1, 2, 3, Tagtree Thicket
  • West Province: Area 2, 3, Asado Desert
  • North Province: Dalizapa Passage
  • Area Zero
  • Tera Raid Battles

Pokemon fans have begged for a Dunsparce evolution for many generations, finally getting one in Scarlet & Violet. That being said, Dudunsparce leaves a lot to be desired, with no alternate typing, and middling increases to its base stats. With this in mind, the existence of Dudunsparce may just be to make Dunsparce a good Eviolite user.

With additional access to Roost, Calm Mind, and even Stealth Rock, Eviolite Dunsparce could make a decent bulky setup Pokemon in competitive battles. It can even take advantage of STAB with moves like Headbutt, or Terastallize into another type to either take advantage of another move’s STAB or simply take advantage of new resistances.

11 Type: Null

Leave Memory Discs In The Bag

Type Null sent out by Gladion in the Pokemon anime

  • How to Catch:
  • Unobtainable in Scarlet & Violet

Type: Null is a Normal-type who was introduced in Pokemon Sun & Moon. After it evolves into Silvally, the Pokemon can equip one of 17 memory discs to change its typing. This essentially makes Silvally a weaker, more competitively viable version of Gen 4’s Arceus.

However, keeping Type: Null is not any less competitively viable if the player gives it Eviolite instead. Its balanced stats make the defense boosts quite useful. In addition, some of Type: Null’s learnset make it a great choice as a pivot Pokemon, utilizing moves like U-Turn to deal quick damage and then withdraw from battle.

12 Munchlax

Munchlax Is Hungry For A Battle

A wild Munchlax in Pokemon Sword & Shield

  • Where to Catch:
  • Kitakami Road, Apple Hills, Loyalty Plaza, Oni Mountain, Wistful Fields, Paradise Barrens, Kitakami Wilds, Timeless Woods (DLC)
  • Tera Raid Battles (DLC)
  • Ogre Oustin’ receptionist (DLC)

Munchlax is the pre-evolution of Snorlax and was introduced in Gen 4. Eviolite wasn’t introduced until the following generation, meaning that Munchlax’s potential came much later. However, like its evolution, Munchlax boasts an incredible HP stat for any Pokemon, not just one that’s unevolved.


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Because of its bulkiness and access to the ability Thick Fat, which protects it against Fire and Ice-type attacks, Munchlax can be quite a formidable opponent. It also has a pretty powerful learnset, with moves like Body Slam and Zen Headbutt, the latter of which can be a powerful tool to counter Fighting-types that have an advantage against the Normal-type Munchlax.

13 Torracat

A Go-To Special Attacker In The NFE tier

Ash sending out his Torracat in battle in the Pokemon anime

  • Where to Catch:
  • The Indigo Disk (DLC expansion)

Torracat evolves from the Gen 7 Fire-type starter Litten and evolves into the Super Smash Bros Ultimate newcomer Incineroar. In the competitive meta, Incineroar is a popular sweeper thanks to its bulky Attack stat. However, Torracat makes for a worthy teammate as well, with its decent Speed and access to the Intimidate ability.

Particularly in metagames that only allow Pokemon that aren’t fully evolved, Torracat is a must-have. It boasts incredible Special Attack options with moves like Flamethrower and Overheat, and even has access to Nasty Plot for set-ups. However, its weakness to Stealth Rocks can put it in a tough spot from the get-go.

14 Porygon 2

With Eviolite And Trick Room, Porygon 2 Is A Serious Threat

Porygon2 just after evolving in Pokemon Sword & Shield

  • How to Catch:
  • Unobtainable in Scarlet & Violet

Porygon 2’s biggest weakness is its below-average Speed stat, though it certainly makes up for it with an impressive Special Attack. Despite its placement in the RU tier, this Normal-type Pokemon has seen some viability in Uber and Doubles metas, particularly as a Trick Room user. With this move, Porygon 2 goes from a slow to a speedy set-up Pokemon.

The usage of Eviolite will go far enough to protect Porygon 2 in battles while it sets up against speedy Sweepers. In Doubles matches, it pairs nicely with Pokemon like Tapu Fini and Volcanion. Players utilizing an Eviolite Porygon 2 in Doubles should also stack its moveset with more offensive options, like Thunderbolt or Shadow Ball.

15 Doublade

Give It Eviolite And Watch It Sweep Teams

A Doublade appearing in the Pokemon anime

  • How to Catch:
  • Unobtainable in Scarlet & Violet

Doublade’s evolution, Aegislash, has had an illustrious career in the competitive meta. In Gen 6 and 7, it was ranked in the Uber tier for its ability Stance Change, which alternates between monstrous offensive and defensive stats. Doublade, on the other hand, boasts powerful but unchangeable Attack and Defense stats.


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With the ability No Guard, every move used against Doublade will hit, which makes its increased defensive stats thanks to Eviolite helpful. Additionally, it can quickly set up to become a powerful (if frail) Pokemon with moves like Swords Dance. In just a few quick turns, this Steel/Ghost type can sweep entire teams with Iron Head and Close Combat.

16 Galarian Corsola

Eviolite Will Keep It Alive To Disable Moves

A Galarian Corsola in a menu in Pokemon Sword & Shield

  • How to Catch:
  • Unobtainable in Scarlet & Violet

Galarian Corsola doesn’t have much to offer in terms of its offensive stats, or even its Speed. However, its incredible Defense and Special Defense mean an Eviolite set will only make it a tougher Pokemon to quickly KO. This makes Galarian Corsola a perfect choice to enact an unexpected wall in the competitive metagame.

Thanks to its ability Cursed Body, successful hits against this Ghost-type will also have the potential to disable that move. This could put Sweepers in a very tough spot when trying to rid Corsola from the playing field. It also allows Galarian Corsola some time for setup moves like Stealth Rock, Will-o-Wisp, and Light Screen.

17 Dusclops

Eviolite Turns Dusclops Into A Trick Room Master

Team Rocket's Dusclops attacking another Dusclops in the Pokemon anime

  • Where to Catch:
  • Kitakami Wilds, Timeless Woods (DLC)
  • Tera Raid Battles

Dusclops has been one of the more popular Eviolite users since its introduction in Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire. Its base form already boasts high defensive stats, which are only more monstrous when accounting for the Eviolite boosts. With the right combination of EV/IV training, Dusclops can become quite a bulky option in VGC.


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Its abysmal Speed, however, makes Trick Room a necessity for a Dusclops team. However, it also has access to moves like Shadow Sneak that have priority, though this move can easily be thwarted with a clever Sucker Punch. Despite its weaknesses, this Ghost-type makes for a powerful addition to any competitive team.

18 Chansey

A Must-Have Support Pokemon

Chansey appearing in the Pokemon anime

  • Where to Catch:
  • South Province: Area 4, 6
  • East Province: Area 2
  • West Province: Area 2, 3
  • North Province: Area 1, 2, 3, Casseroya Lake
  • Area Zero
  • Tera Raid Battles

By far, the best Eviolite user in the competitive Pokemon scene is the Normal-type Pokemon Chansey. The pre-evolution of Blissey already has an unspeakably high base HP stat at 250. Its Ability, Natural Cure, also cures it of any status condition when it switches out. This makes it an incredibly useful defensive option on almost any competitive team.

Chansey’s access to moves like Toxic, Stealth Rock, and Aromatherapy helps as a bulky support Pokemon. Additionally, it has solid offensive options like Seismic Toss and Dazzling Gleam, which can counter Fighting-type threats. With its boosted defensive stats from Eviolite, Chansey becomes an unexpected threat to inexperienced players.


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